Here at A Self Sufficient Life, we write about some of the things we do to keep life cheap, consume less, and rely more on ourselves – in short ways to be more self sufficient.  Things like growing our own, composting everything, preserving and so on.  By all means follow our hints, tips and advice BUT take responsibility for yourselves.  Think about what you’re doing and do it both safely and carefully.

We shall not be held responsible for those idiots who grace the comments sections repeatedly worried about what if they do this and what if they do that.  Yes, soil has bacteria in it, compost has even more, and poo well it definitely calls for serious hand washing after going near.  Don’t eat compost, rub your face in the compost loo bucket, or smear fresh manure over your edible crops.  Use your brain and live long happy, healthy more self reliant lives.

We assume our readers have some savvy and can look after themselves.  We’re miles away, and are not responsible for you.  As much as we like to share some of the aspects of our ultra frugal life, what you do is up to you!