Make Money Writing Online

Or, how to stop working for the man.

How To Make Money  Writing Online

Not so long ago I told you that, in an effort to be able to continue our self sufficient life I decided to see if I could learn how to make money online. We had no work and things were beginning to get very serious, money wise. We already had this blog but it was set up more as a fun project to do together, rather than as a money making exercise.

Just as well really, as it makes nothing in terms of monetary value really.

Now, before I get in to this, and believe me there is an awful lot to get through, I want to make one thing absolutely clear about learning how to make money from home. Anyone can make money on the Internet, and I mean good money, if they are willing to do the work. And learning how to make money with Amazon and other programs can be learned by anyone. But this is not play time. If you really do want to give up your day job and work for yourself, getting up when you want and picking your own hours, then you can. But you must be dedicated.

If you have a job then you are going to be tired for many months, if you don’t have a job then you will achieve a good monthly wage that much quicker, as long as you put in the hours. This single post will allow you to work from home and make a successful living. Most people will already have clicked away and it is their loss. They want a fast track with no work and they are deluding themselves. More fool them. If you implement what I tell you then you will be one of the few, like us, that didn’t give up and can make a living online from a laptop and, in our case, a few solar panels.

I spent months learning exactly what to do and I am still learning now. We now work together on projects as well as having our own projects and we are now earning an OK wage. In all honesty I did not know what I was doing until April. Earlier projects have mostly been abandoned as they were done in total naivety. I can honestly say that from when I began to learn how to make money online I probably wasted about six or seven months of my time.

I have only really known what I was doing from April, I am writing this in August. In just over four months of hard work we have got to a stage where we make a living. It is not insane amounts of money but it grows all the time and, as sites that you will build get older, they produce a higher income. But I will come to that later.

You Help Me, I Help You Make Money Online Writing

Although I will explain later why, if you find this helpful then please bookmark it on as many sites as possible. If you have a blog and it helps then please write about it and use a keyword anchor text make money online. Of course, many of you will be lost already but don’t worry, if you don’t know what I am talking about all will be revealed.

For now, suffice to say, it will help me make some money and if you like the information it is a small price to pay.

How Much Money Can You Make Writing Online?

I am going to be honest here. If you give up early, if you don’t put in the work, or if you do it wrong, you will make sod all.

If you do it right then in a few weeks to a month you will start to see something amazing happening. You will begin to make a good second income. It won’t be huge but it will make you realise that you can make money on the Internet. In a few months, if you work hard, the money will go up.

In four to six months, depending on your time commitments and dedication, you can quit your job and work from home and make a living on the Internet.

Will you be able to do it? I doubt it. Why?

Most people who begin reading this will not get past the first few words. Even though they came here looking for exactly the information I  will give they are looking for a short cut. They want to make money online fast. They want a secret formula to make money on the Internet. They want a passive family income with little work.

The people who make money online for free are the ones who slog away at it day after day. You soon realise it is not glamorous, lots of it is boring, but the earning potential is unlimited.

We are thirty six now and I firmly believe that by the time we are forty we will be earning over $1000 a day. At the moment we are earning about $100 a day. Often less, sometimes more but overall that is about right. It keeps us going but is not a fortune. But, we did it ourselves, and it won’t go away. This is the beauty of it. What you do now will only grow and make more money in the future.

How To Make Money Online

If you have got this far, well done. You must be interested. Don’t forget to bookmark it though. This will be the biggest article you have ever read and you will not possibly be able to take it all in in one go.

There are numerous ways to make money online. It really does depend how much you want to make and how much time you are willing to give to it. We are going to be making our money by writing blogs.

Yep, just like this one except yours will make money. It takes time and you will be writing, a lot. You don’t have to be a great writer though, just competent. If you want to simply make a little extra income, a good part time wage, then this method works but you can also take surveys for a living. I will quickly give you a run down of this before I get on to the real deal.

Earn Money Taking Surveys

If you want to earn money taking surveys there are a lot of scams out there. If you get the genuine surveys you can make a good residual income though. Head on over to Take Surveys And Get Paid and if you sign up for all of them you will make a good amount of money each month. Not the kind of money you can make that I will be talking about but a good bit of extra income. Now, let’s get down to the real business of the day.

Make Money Online Writing

As I just stated we will be writing blogs to make money. There are two main ways to monetise a blog so that you can make money if people come to it. You can sell affiliate products or you can use google adsense.

What is an affiliate?

You see the banners on this site? If people click on them and make a purchase we get a commission. This is at the heart of affiliate marketing. There are any number of affiliate networks that you can apply to join. Once you join them you will then have a number of different products that you can promote. The choice is endless, there is basically anything and everything to choose from.

They supply you with codes or text links to put on a blog and if you make any sales you can get commissions anywhere from 4% to 70% although the higher figure is mostly limited to ebooks.

One of the best affiliate programs for beginners is the amazon affiliate program. They only pay between 4% and about 7% but you can make websites that sell absolutely anything that Amazon sells. Anyone can join and the money can really add up. The one drawback to Amazon is that you only get commissions if someone purchase something the same day that they click on your link. Most affiliate programs will be for thirty days. Called cookies, when someone clicks on a link a small piece of code remembers that person and the fact they came from your link. If they buy within the period that the cookie remains you get a sale.

This is the basis of affiliate marketing.

What we have found is that banners are not very good at getting people to click on them. People are much more inclined to click on text links. It just seems to be the way it works.

So, which affiliate programs should you join?

For all manner of products that you can build blogs around then Amazon is a great place to start. Sign up via this link and, although the cookie duration is extremely short, the fact that consumers place so much trust in them makes it a very good option and sales are often higher than other networks.

If you want to try selling ebooks then clickbank is the number one source. People have written ebooks on every subject under the sun. If you sell one, you normally get a 50% to 70% commission. If you are successful you can make a lot of money. I am not a particular fan of ebooks as most of them are junk. However they are available on subjects ranging from growing tomatoes to weight loss. Much of them are highly dubious and what you promote will be based largely on your ethics or lack of them.

Many people make an absolute fortune with clickbank. We make $50 or so dollars a month but really do nothing to try to make sales, we just have a few links in odd articles here and there.

Sign up via this link and promote any number of ebooks, ethics willing. Please note, I think they may charge you to join now, but there is some serious money to be made if you choose this way to make money online.

We have had our best successes with Amazon and a few other affiliate networks. Join the following and see what they have to offer. Our favorite one is  Commision Junction. They accept beginners and have a lot of different programs to use. Then we have Pepperjam Network, Shareasale and a few others. Pepperjam is very good as many of the programs there allow you to easily make your own online store. Sign up for Pepperjam here and shareasale here. They are both really good and will help you if you need it.

That is more than enough to be getting along with.

Make Money For Clicks

Apart from making money by selling products you can make money by people clicking on adverts. The crazy thing about this is that for each click you can make anything from $0.01 to a few dollars for each click. You see the ads in blue at the top of this post? This is the google adsense program. People wishing to sell products pay google for every time they are sent a visitor after clicking on the advert. Please don’t do it though unless you are interested in the advert. The advertiser will be charged.

Most people who come online have absolutely no idea that when they click an advert such as this they are making the site they clicked it from money. This is a great system and if you get the right adverts for the right products you can make an absolute fortune.

We have a few sites where we get roughly 30% of our visitors leaving the site via links that they serve. It adds up, believe me.

To join adsense click this link. You should bear in mind that you will have to have a blog already set up with some content before you can get accepted. If you do not write about the right things though you will make nothing from adsense. This goes for affiliate sales as well. I will now explain how the Internet works in so far as how you get visitors to your blog so you can make money on the Internet.

How Search Engines Work

Google is the biggest search engine. A high  majority of the people looking for information online do it via the google search engine. Of course, there are others, but to simplify things I will give the information as it mostly relates to all of them.

In order to get traffic to a blog that you write you must understand how to get high in a search result. If you want to make money from your site you want the number 1 spot in google for your keywords.

What are keywords?

Keywords are the words that you are trying to get visitors for. It is these words, and winning a high spot in google for them that will make you a living online.

How To Write To Win In The Search Engines

There are a number of ways that search engines determine who should be top when someone types in a query. At the most basic level these are:

  • The age of the site
  • The URL of the site (more later)
  • The relevancy of the site
  • The use of keywords as the title of the article and in the body of the text
  • The number of other sites linking to that site using relevant keywords

Basically, you MUST do this if you want to get high in the search  engines, get traffic, and make money writing on the Internet.

After you have picked your keywords, which is very important, and I will talk about later, you need to do the following, always.

Say I believe I can make great money selling purple widgets. I will either buy a domain name that would be or I would get a free domain name and have purple widgets in the URL somewhere.

This gives you an instant boost.

Probably more, if not at least equally important, is the title of your site. If I wanted to sell purple widgets then my title of my site would be that. When you start a blog it is part of the option when running it to give the site a title. Just as this site is titled A Self Sufficient Life.

Next, and very, very important is the title of each post that you write. You MUST do this to get the best results. On my purple widgets blog, if that is the words I want to win for, when I  write a post I would use variations around those words. Cheap purple widgets, great purple widgets etc.

I would also use those words a few times in the post as well.

You will write helpful articles that are useful to the reader and offer your product as the solution.

Writing Blog Posts To Maximise Income

If you want to get the traffic to your site and make money from adverts or clicks then you need to write to maximise your chances. This means that your title MUST contain your keywords.

You will also use your keywords as near to the beginning of your post as possible. A few times in the post, and as near to the end of the post as possible.

You want to choose keywords that you believe will make you money and this really is at the heart of making money writing online. You need to get traffic and I will explain how to get traffic to your blog in a short while but first let’s go back to the beginning and I will show you how to get started and set up a blog.

How To Make  A Blog And Earn Money Writing Online

Still with me? Wow. We are getting there. I know it is a lot of information but if you read this a few times it will start to become clear.

Okay, we know how we should write to help us get high in the search engines. Of course, that means nothing if what you write about will not make you any money, just like this site. As Goo said you can’t make money writing about how to get stuff for free.

EDIT: Now obviously that link for Goo is next to useless for her to win for any keywords. The link should of course be sustainable living. Now when you do get links that are not going to help you get higher in the search engines don’t be afraid to ask the webmaster to change it. You may feel a little cheeky, but if you are polite then normally they will be happy to oblige.

Now, how to set up a blog.

There are two options open to you. Free blogs and running a blog that you have to pay to purchase the domain name and then pay to have it hosted. We do both.

We have quite a number of sites, some are free and some aren’t.

What do I recommend. Well, it depends. If you are serious about this and willing to put in lots of hard work then I would ensure that I have my own domain names for some sites.

The reason for this is two-fold. If the site becomes successful you have the option of selling it. Many people make a good living purely by flipping domains. This is the term used for buying a domain name and then selling it on.

Secondly there is no risk of the site disappearing. If you have a free blog and that company decides to no longer supply the service all your hard work will disappear.

The advantages of free domains are that they are very easy to set up. They are perfect for those who have no technical experience and want to make their life as easy as possible. As they are free you can experiment. You can set up as many as you like and see which ones are successful.

Either way, I would have a mixture of both. And yes, you will need more than than one site if you want to make money  writing blogs. You will limit yourself if you only try to make money on the Internet with one blog.

My recommendations.

For free blogs then you can’t beat

It is extremely easy to use and totally free.

For hosting that you can control then sign up with bluehost

They allow you to host as many websites as you want for a small fee. It is about $80 a year but this means you can have as many sites as you want with them. You buy a domain name and then they host the site you run. If you are to write a blog then you will then need to install on it.

This is free and it is what all blogs use to run on. You can then choose how the site looks and have total control over it.

By the way, that bluehost link is an affiliate link. Are you getting the picture now? If you buy hosting via that link then I get a commission. Please use it if you like this article. This is the heart of Internet marketing. Give people useful information but in such a way that they will be inclined to use your links to buy things or take an interest in the adsense adverts that are being served, whether they realise they are affiliate links or not. If you use my affiliate link then I will offer extra help if you run in to any problems.

Now there are two main considerations that MUST be always kept in mind if you are to be successful. Apart from committing your time to your endeavors of course.

These are selecting the right keywords and getting backlinks to your blog. If you don’t get backlinks to your site then you will get nowhere. You can write the best content in the world but if you have no links you will never get high in the search engines, which means no traffic and no money, and no early retirement.

What is a backlink?

A backlink is when another blog or site makes a link to your site or your article. This self sufficient link is a backlink. Because I am typing this in wordpress I write the words then click on an icon and type in the website address of the site I want to link to. I am now telling the search engines in no uncertain terms that this site is about self sufficient.

If I get enough of them from other blogs then I will eventually be number one in google if someone types in self sufficient. As of now we are partly down page one for that term and number 2 and 3 for A Self Sufficient Life, much good that it does us! This is without trying. It is in our URL (the website address) and is the title of the blog. When people add us to a blogroll they use those words and give us a boost in the search engines.

Is it starting to make sense now?

When people like what we write or add us to a blogroll they use the link a self sufficient life. Not as perfect as just using self sufficient but at least the main words are contained within it. If we have enough of these links from other people then we will eventually be number one.

If you can get to number one in a search engine for your keywords you will probably get about half of the people that are searching come to your site.

Now, if my terms were something like “I want to buy a purple widget” and your site was called I want to buy a purple widget then you are well on your way to making money. As long as there are programs that offer affiliate programs for that subject.

You must get backlinks to get to the top.

You will never get to the top unless you have more backlinks than the competition. Not just any old links either. They must contain your keywords. If you get backlinks from sites where the keywords used are not the ones you want to win for then they don’t mean much.

Okay, what is the perfect backlink?

Here is the perfect backlink. I would have a link from a site that is all about purple widgets. It will be a very popular site and high in the search engines. It will have a popular article on that site that ranks well. It will link to my site or one of my articles on it with the anchor text purple widgets.

To search engines this means a few things. It tells them that a popular site about my subject thinks that I am relevant. It also tells them that I am relevant to the same thing as them. It tells them that I am relevant to the words purple widgets. What do you think it would mean if they linked to me with the words Mr. Dirty Boots?

It would mean they are telling the search engines that my purple widgets is useful for the words Mr. Dirty Boots.

This is next to useless.

You MUST get backlinks containing your keywords in all their variations. Sure some rubbish links are natural and it should always be kept looking natural. If all your backlinks only contained the words purple widgets don’t you think that would look suspicious? That is simply not natural.

But, in general, the more links you get to your site containing your keywords from relevant sites the higher you will climb in the search engines.

Now, the problem arises in getting these backlinks. How do you get backlinks?

It is difficult. But, if you wish to succeed you must get as many as possible. If it is a new site then you should only be getting a few on a random basis. It would not be natural for a new site to suddenly get lots of links to it. Older sites are different and this is when you will see the serious money coming on. You can get more and more aggressive at building backlinks as your site gets older.

Google will not allow a new site to get lots of traffic regardless of the number of backlinks. It is not natural and will not help. Get a few and as time goes by get more and more until you are at number one and dominating the keywords.

How To Get Backlinks And Make Money Online

Your quest for getting backlinks should take up much more time than actually writing your content. Without backlinks you will get hardly anywhere. You  want as many as possible.

I will say that again:

You should spend more time getting backlinks than you should writing content.

You can get backlinks via the following methods:

  • Article Marketing
  • Guest blogging
  • Setting up more blogs and giving backlinks to your other sites
  • Using free platforms where you can write articles.

How To Get Backlinks By Writing Articles

Basically there are sites that allow you to post an article you have written with them and at eh bottom of that article you can put a little blurb with usually three backlinks. So I write a short 250 word article and at the bottom I would write:

For lots of cheap purple widgets please visit the discount purple widgets website for information on quality purple widgets and more.

I would then make three of those phrases backlinks. I would always try to vary the anchor text making it look natural. Now this article can be submitted to article directories and I will have free backlinks to my site or articles on it. I will move up the search engine rankings and earn more money.

Submit to the following:

Top Article Directory (the best directory)

There are hundreds of these article sites but unless you buy some software there is no way you can manually submit to them all.

Now, if you really want to get to number one this is often not enough. You need links from as many places as possible.

Guest blogging is a great way to get links. You contact every website you can find that is relevant to your subject. You offer to write an article for them to publish on their blog. Most will refuse, some will be grateful. In your article you put a few links. You then have a great backlink that will give you a boost.

You can also set up a network of other blogs. Write them around your subject and over time you can gradually  add backlinks from them to your main site.

There are also other sites that are slightly like article sites but can become money earners in their own right.

Make Money Online Writing For Infobarrel

As we now know, as well as following the rules for maximizing the articles we write and the websites that they are on, backlinks are the key to getting a high position in the SERPS (or the search engine results pages). To this end we need to get backlinks to our sites and to the articles on them.

There are a number of sites where you basically submit an article you write and can add links for your keywords ( the words you want to win for) but they give you a share of the money the article generates. For Infobarrel you must submit a unique article.

So, if we know we can make money via google adsense from our keywords purple widgets we will write an article on Infobarrel with purple widgets somewhere in the title. We will put it at the beginning of the article and as close to the end of the article as possible. We can also add it in the article on occasion although unless it is a long article like this make money online one, we don’t want to overdo it as it seems spammy. (Did you see what I did there?)

Now, we have created some more backlinks for ourselves but if you have an adsense account then you can put in your ID on your infobarrel account and you get a 75% share of any money it makes via people clicking on the links. Most article sites give you nothing so this is a good deal.

This is actually a way to make money in its own right, even if you do not own a website. But why not have a website that you can link to? You may as well make use of the articles that you write, no?

Now, this is not going to make you super rich. We have, between us, over 100 articles on Infobarrel, and make a few dollars each day. But, that is still, at the moment $60 a month for simply making the backlinks that we need anyway. What do you think will happen when, in another few months we double that and so on and so on. In a year or with a thousand articles it can be a passive income that generates easily $600 a month.

Sign up for Infobarrel and start making money and creating backlinks.


You didn’t think it was going to be easy did you?

If you are not willing to be knackered for months getting everything up and running, especially if you have a job, you will not succeed. I hate getting up in the morning but every other day I get up at 6 am and work until 1. The next day we swap.

When we have more money it will be 2 laptops and a more relaxed approach, until then we just get on with it.

Sign up with Infobarrel and make money writing online.

Other Resources That Pay For Writing

You should also sign up for Hubpages and Squidoo. You can make money with them in a similar fashion and you NEED to find as many places as possible to get your backlinks from.

Now, we come to the all important matter of choosing your subject for your blog and researching the keywords that you will try to reach a number 1 position for.

Finding The Right Keywords To Make Money Online

Before I go any further I must thank Grizzly from Make Money  Online. He holds the number 1 position in google for that term and he deserves it (well, he did until a few days ago, what happened Grizz?). This man makes at least $30,ooo a month from doing just what I am explaining to you now. His blog is what saved me from getting it all wrong. When I look back now at what I did I cringe.

Once you have grasped these basics they will, honestly, become like second nature. I know it is confusing now but once you have spent a few weeks at it you will fall in to a pattern.

You should set aside a few days and read his entire blog from start to finish as well as all the comment people leave. It will give you a total understanding of just how this game works. He is without doubt one of the most generous people in giving information and asks nothing in return. Back to keywords.

Make Money Online With Paying Keywords

There is no point writing a blog about free garden seeds or being self sufficient for that matter and expect it to bring you early retirement. You need to write about things that people want and are willing to spend money on.

It can be anything, if it interests you as well all the better. If it doesn’t then so what. If you can make money from it then learn about the subject and then tell others what you have learnt.

Start by thinking about what interests you and take it from there.

You will then need to follow these steps. Register with google adwords. This is how people set up the adverts that you see all over the internet. You, however do not want it for that. You will be using their keywords tool.

Once registered go to the keywords tool and select worldwide as the search criteria. Now type in what you think may be a good set of keywords. Bear in mind that you are never going to win for something like Dog. But you may be able to win for what is known as a long tail keyword. This is a series of words that people may type in to google. Such as cheap clothes for Dogs etc.

You get the idea I hope. The results that come up are important for two reasons. It will give you the price that you would have to pay if you wanted to make an advert using those words. It will also show you approx how many people search for that term each month on average as well as lots of other similar related terms.

Keep drilling through the data and trying new combinations until you see a long tail keyword or words that has a high cost to run an advert and a decent number of people searching for it.

What is a good price to go for?

Okay, if you write a site about cheap clothes for Dogs and it says it costs $1 to run an advert using those words then if you make a site about that and use the adsense program on your site you can expect about 10% of that if someone clickes on the adverts that will automatically come up.

This is why, in part you need to put those keywords in the title of the post. The adsense program needs to know what adverts to show. Now $1 is rubbish as you will only get $.10 at best. Look for at least $2 but as high as possible.

Let’s say that ummm Being self sufficient in jam has 3,000 searches a month and will pay me $.50 a click. That is not so bad. But can I win for it?

There is no point trying to get to the top of the search engines if there are millions of other people writing about the same thing with websites called being self sufficient in jam and writing post with the same title.

To check if you can win go to and type in your words in quotes.

“Being self sufficient in jam”

That’s how it will look. The results will then tell you how many people have written that long tail keyword with the words in a row. If it is low you are on to a winner. Below 3,ooo would be ideal but up to 10,000 is OK and if it is really high then you will really have your work cut out for you.

Don’t Be Confused About Making Money For Free On The Internet

I know this is too much to take in and it goes against you wanting to write nice blog post titles and get lots of comments on your blog and be part of a community. This is not how to make money though.

Your friends will not click on your adverts and you will not be high in the search engines if you write post titles that cannot bring up the relevant adsense ads.

You want to write useful content that will attract people and this is search engine traffic not social media sites like Twitter and stumbleupon etc. They do not buy and they do not click.


And that is by keyword optimised post titles and blog names and keyword specific backlinks from as many different sources as possible.

Now, if you  are not going for adsense money via people clicking on the ad links then the cost per click is irrelevant, you just need to know how many people are searching for a term and if there is much competition.

Take A Deep Breath

No, it’s not over.

I am trying to make it so that you can refer back to this article again and again and gradually work your way through it and implement it all.

Don’t worry if you get it wrong to start with, all it costs is time. You WILL learn how to make money writing on the internet and you will get better as time goes on.

If you stick with it, and trust me, nearly all of you will give up in frustration or give up because it is hard work, then you will succeed.

If you work hard for six months to a year then you will be able to give up working for anyone else entirely and set your own hours. The work you have put in will be there for years to come, making more money as the sites you build age and get more backlinks and authority in the eyes of the search engines.

How Many Sites To Make Money Online?

It is impossible to say. You may strike it lucky with a few sites or it may take over ten before one of them is successful. I think that now about half our sites make some money and some just bomb.

This is the nature of it. Keyword tools and estimated ad earning are not accurate.

You may get high in a search engine and the offers that you promote get lots of clicks but no one buys, meaning you won’t make any money. Expect disasters and downright failures. But what about that one site that you work slowly on for six months and then starts getting a thousand people a day and you easily make $100 dollars from it.

As it gets older you need to do less and less work on it and can concentrate on making money writing on the internet with the other sites that you began but didn’t have the time for.

Can you see that the successful people make a fortune doing this?

Conclusion (hooray)

Well, this is a longer post than even Grizzly writes and that is saying something. Bookmark it, link to it, if you find it helpful, and implement it as soon as possible.

There is one thing for sure and that is if you don’t start you will never succeed. We are still surprised every time we make a sale or make an adsense click for a dollar or so. Slowly but surely as your empire expands all those little trickles will begin to be a massive flood of money.

Making the first small amount of money is the hardest. Once you realise that you can do it then it is just a matter of scaling it up, working hard and enjoying a lifestyle that does not involve working for the man.

Don’t get me wrong, it is hard work. Very hard. It is boring, it makes your fingers hurt, your eyes glaze over and you wonder at times if you are writing about purple widgets or being self sufficient and your brain freezes over.

But, you work for yourself, the earning potential is unlimited,and you are one of the few people who has the drive and ambition to make money online.

By the way, don’t forget to sign up for the ideal bite newsletter via the banner to the top left, I guess you know what that means by now. They have lots of self sufficient tips and, well, now you know the rest:)

If you need further help simply leave a comment and don’t forget that this post deserves a link if any of you actually knuckle down and do the work so that you can be one of the few people who leads an independent lifestyle because you learnt how to make money online.

Yikes, 6610 words!

Make Money Online with Free Websites

6610 words and he still forgot a few things…  Mrs Dirty Boots here with an addition.  I believe he may have mentioned that to make money online you really need backlinks to your work and of course somewhere to create your masterpieces of the written word.

Here is where DevHub comes in.  It is a completely free website building tool.  Easy to sign up for they allow you to create ten websites, with or without blogs.   So long as the websites are to their satisfaction they will allow you to create as many as you like.  There are lots of templates and design features to make your sites unique.

Most importantly though, DevHub allows you to put your own affiliate links or adsense code on the site so you can make money online with them.  If you like you can use their own affiliate links and share the profits with DevHub, but you don”t have too!

I’m sure I’ll be back when I remember what else he’s forgotten about how to Make Money Writing Online.

Okay, I’m back.  We forgot about another useful free tool we use, YOLA.  Again, it’s a bit like DevHub, you create free websites with a .yola domain name that you can add your own affiliate links too.  But there is a much wider range of themes and style sheets to choose from so it is much easier to personalise things.

The basics are free with Yola or you can pay them to have your own domain name and to use their ‘premium’ styles.  It might be useful for some as it combines webhosting and design in one package, but for us (as no doubt you would guess) it is great to just take advantage of all the free stuff.

With both Yola and DevHub you seem to be able to create as many sites as you like so they’re great for backlinks and product specific micro-niche targeting.

Hopefully, that really is the last for this post, but I am pleased to announce we’ve now made it to 7077 words in our post all about how to Make Money Writing Online.  Blimey!

7149 now

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  1. Just found your blog via Grizz’s site – this is a great Grizz style post – 6000 words perfect – I run out of steam around 2k myself but I am working on it! Best of luck in the backwoods of Spain!

  2. DInoEntrails says:

    Hey, nice post. I like your writing. What would you prescribe to treat a healthy dose of over-aggressive early link-building on my blog?

  3. Grizzly is describing this post awesome. Yes, I agree because it really too informative and helpful as a refresher course on how to make money online.

  4. BLOGERCISE says:

    wow, 6000+ words, that is a giant post and a half. And well said. As someone who comes from the same school of thought I must say I agree with the majority of what’s written and it reflects my own experiences.

    Nicely summed in one place though. Good job.

  5. WordVixen says:

    Griz is right, this is a very good post! I would like to add one thing, however.

    When you sign up to use sites like Squidoo, HubPages, InfoBarrel, and the article marketing sites- make sure that you read the terms of service AND the faq thoroughly before jumping right in.

    Squidoo has now limited outgoing links to no more than 9 per domain, so no more using it as an outside sitemap (not sure if that was effective anyway, but something to be aware of). HubPages only allows 1 outgoing link per domain (not sure if that includes subdomains or not) and I’ve heard that your quality rating has to stay about 70 or you lose the do-follow on your links, and InfoBarrel has some suspicious wording on copyright and fair use.

    That said, all three are excellent for backlinks and making additional money on the side. I’d say about 1/3 of my AdSense clicks are now coming from my supporting Hubs, and I recently got a decent affiliate sale from one of my hubs.

    And a little advice- no harm in making your hubs work overtime. Since you can only have one outgoing link per domain per hub, I’ve learned that building a very large hub and using it to support several sites at once is working very well.

  6. WordVixen says:

    Oh! Also, feel free to delete this once you get the info (I couldn’t find an email address for you)- you might want to add YouData ( to your survey list on your blogspot blog. With YouData you get paid to look at advertisements and websites. Not much, but it’s guaranteed and they pay every Friday like clockwork. Nice people too. There’s also an affiliate program, and while it’s also very, very low- they are reliable.

  7. How … is true
    You write more then Griz long poooooooosts

  8. Wow, now that’s a post with some real “meat” to it! Good job. I’ve been trying to limit my blog to posts of at least 800-1000 words, but 6000! I hope to hear how this long post works out for you.
    @Dino entrails-Wow I had to do a double-take “Dino Entrails” what’s up with that?
    Anyways an answer to your question is…TIME

  9. the GBG Scam says:

    Great post! I have to be honest, I didn’t read it all, just skimmed it for now, but it’s got a lot of info and I am bookmarking it so I can come back and re-read it later to see if I’m missing anything.

    I actually do ok with the writing part myself, although I have to give you credit – 6000+ words – how’d you do it? LOL Even though this topic does warrant it. My problem is the backlinks. I kind of like writing, that’s the fun part for me, most of the time. The backlinks – oh my gosh, they bore me (although I see I’m not the only one and they really aren’t that hard to do if you have someone willing to swap)! But I’ve been getting a little better at doing it and have realized how important they are because it is true – you can’t make money online without ranking and in order to rank you need those backlinks!

    Unfortunately, I sandboxed one of my sites by linking “unnaturally” by using the same anchor text across the board and submitting to too many sites while the site was still new… do you think there’s any hope at resurecting it?

    Oh, by the way, impressive – $100 a day, even if it is almost! I need to put my kids in daycare so I can concentrate more on building this make money online puppy I’ve been working on – I have a lot of the content needed, I just have to get to work on more backlinks!

    Thanks for your time and effort!

    – Faith

  10. Hi Lis,

    Thanks for your kind comments. I subscribe to your blog so I know that you wrote great content. It’s good to get a bit of recognition from the Grizz man isn’t it? I was quite surprised but very pleased.

    Hi Dino,

    Guilty of that as well. I have found the worst thing is to stop making backlinks. Ease off a bit bit keep posting and keep making the backlinks.

    We have sites that come and go from the search eangine results for up to about 3 months. They can dissapear for up to a week and then come back. It happens for new sites. We just carry on posting and making backlinks. Just stay consistent and you should be OK.


    Many thanks. I don’t think I can handle any more praise though (blush).

    Hi Word Vixen,

    Thanks for the information, very helpful. To be honest, hubpages sucks for me. My better half has a great score but I keep bouncing in and out of being dofollow and nofollow and it drives me crazy.

    Infobarrel, on the other hand, seems to be going great and is a good addition to adsense earnings, especially as I want the backlinks anyway.

    Como Criar,

    Muy Muchas gracias. Como estas?

    The CBG Scam,

    Ah, the backlinks. It is boring, but we have to do it.

    As to getting sandboxed, I would just continue getting links and writing content now and then.

    You are bound to re-appear at some point. It seems the worst you can do is give up on it. From what I have read and seen that is the worst thing to do.

    Keep plugging away at it and you should see it back. It may just be a short time thing anyway. I always panic when one of our sites disappears but they seem to come back in a week or so.

  11. Work From Home,

    Sorry, you ended up in the Spam filter for some reason. Time is definitely an important factor in how well sites do.

    For us it seems that the early sites we built seem to rank well after 6 months or so. It’s just a shame the ones we set up at the beginning were not about the right subjects to make money from. Very good for making backlinks though.

  12. Mike in Bali says:

    Nice article. I have been doing this for a while now, but it is really refreshing reading some of these new blogs.

  13. Mike says:

    Great article for people starting out.

    I would say that the importance of links to on site content is 80/20 when thinking about rankings.

    People say content is king but I’m not sure that is entirely true YET. You can really manipulate the search results by using backlinks and still have incredibly poor content.

    In fact I have a few examples here: EDIT: sorry, but SNIP
    One tip I have for you is you really don’t need to put your keywords in bold. This really has no noticeable effect.

    I think you should also break this post down into some smaller more manageable chunks. Then you’ll be able to target keywords even better. Such as an article called “make money online writing” and “make money online with InfoBarrel” as this large article is less focused.

    I know I said backlinks are king but content is very very important. You have some great content here and this’ll make link building a hell of a lot easier.

    Some praise and some constructive (I hope) criticism.


  14. Rey says:

    Your post was well informative, that every person who read or see this will get knowledge about you posted. you made a great job for this and thank you for sharing your thoughts..More power!…EDIT:(please, no URLS, this is not an advertising forum)

  15. Mike,

    I agree with most of what you said. However, I am not interested in the make money online niche. It is the worst way to try and make money. This is anabsolute one off and will not be repeated. This site is for frugal living and how to grow veggies etc. Not a money maker at all really. More a break from earning money online.

    I just wanted to write a single article covering the basics so that people have a resource to be able to work from home if they so desire.

    I agree that maybe multiple articles can mean really focusing on keywords. But, and it is a big one, large articles like this can dominate for a number of keywords if I wished to follow it through, which I won’t.

    By covering lots of related topics in one post I have the opportunity to make lots of varied keywords in the anchor text of backlinks. I can do “make money online writing”, “make money online with Infobarrel”, how to earn a living writing” etc. The list goes on.

    This single post will then have lots of varied anchor text all being relevant to the main subject.

    I have honestly found that by far the most succesfull way to get high in search engines is with a decent sized article full of header 2’s.

    An example. A new site I began last week has 2 posts. The second I wrote yesterday. The first post was rubbish. The second was full of H 2’s and covered the topic in detail. The result? Ranking 1 and 2 in google for the main keywords. We had one of our best days because of the sales it generated in a single day.

    Results like that speak for themselves. It probably won’t last, just extreme listing because of its newness, but it shows that google loves posts that comprehensively cover a topic.

    As to quality, you are right. It could have read like a nightmare but the fact that it “seemed” to cover the topic in detail is the main point.

    I have changed my tactics lately to do this and the results are impressive.

    A 1000 word post or so with lots of headers breaking the subject down wins every time. At least for certain niches, but that is another story.

  16. Jane says:

    Mr D, how close/far are you from kissing your day job goodbye in just 8 months (I need a success story!) and what is your most effective way to get all those back links in that amount of time? Thanks – hope to follow yours and Grizz’s footsteps…

    • Jane,

      This is all we do now. We don’t make a fortune ($100 or so a day) but we just about get by. It will go up drastically in the next few months I am sure as sites get older.

      Personally I don’t think you can beat article submissions. Many people say that they are not effective after you start getting links from the same sites more than 5 times or so. I don’t believe it and my findings are contrary to this. It is especially true once a site has some “authority”. Even really bad backlinks can give a massive boost to a site if it has an age of 6 months or so. We always ensure that we have as many, if not more links to individual posts rather than the home page.

      Depending on the niche asking to provide a guest blogging article to related sites is also very effective and I need to do more of it. Use sites like Infobarrel, squidoo, Yola, Devhub, Weebly, Hubpages and social bookmarking to get extra links. Build mini sites on those resources and you have a network of places that you can update now and then and give yourself some backlinks.

      I think the number one thing is to not concentrate on competitive niches if you want money in the short term. Spread out what you do to cover as many niches as possible, as Grizz says, don’t rely on one niche or site in case something happens. Also don’t rely on one form of monetisation.

      We may be poor at the moment but we get by. It is cheap to live here in Spain. Especially as we run on solar and have no mortgage or bills to pay. I think in 8 months anyone could earn more than us, we have only known what we are doing for about 4 months or so.

      Hope this helps and I wish you luck making money online.

      Jane, I just looked at your site. For adsense we have found that a div wrapped block of 350 works best on the left side of a post and all other info on the right. Or, and it looks damm ugly is to have 2 adsense blocks above the post entirely, the only thing visitors see above the fold. It won’t get readers but we get a click through of 30% on sites that do it. Just a suggestion. We constantly play with layouts to see which converts best. I prefer a div wrap to the left at the begining of posts, we also get a 30% click out with that on one site. It really depends on the site you have though. Others just won’t convert whatever we do. Some you win…

  17. Mike says:

    $100 is very impressive nonetheless. How many sites did it take you to achieve that?

    • Hi Mike,

      The majority comes from 4 or 5 sites but we have lots of web properties that all add to the mix and it is ever expanding. In a year or so who know?

  18. Dave,

    This is a very well written looong post. I believe you covered it in detail. I can never seem to get over 1000 words, mainly due to time. Of course

    You also get a link from my most recent post.

    I am not a writer obviously, but hey I am trying.



  19. nice article. almost all of the questions answered are the usual question of the newbies in the field. it is really a must to inform everyone with the ways and everything he should learn about the field. i would even invite my friends to view this site. i love your article. keep it up.

    • Make a lot of money,

      Thanks for that, it’s appreciated.


      Too true. There is no magic formula or short-cut. Just lots of hard work and time.

  20. Ketan says:

    This has to be one of my most favourite articles on making money online. I love the way you are blunt about the realities of online money making. There are so many courses out there that promise the world and all you need to put in is a few hours a week. that’s rubbish. It is hard work and the quicker you accept that the quicker you can just get on with it.
    Great blog.

  21. Tiptopcat says:

    Found your site via Broke Affiliate blog. I am trying to make my way to earning £1,000 per month online and am slowly learning the different things to do, info that I have gained from Griz’s blog as well as Ben at Make Money Online With SEO. Lots of really helpful information.
    It does take a while to understand that this money making lark is a marathon and not a sprint. Everyone, including me was to find the quick hop, skip and a jump way of making a fortune online. Eventually many people fall along the way and the really stubborn ones continue running round that track.
    I am one of the stubborn ones and I am still running around that track.
    Thanks for reinforcing that I am actually doing the right things.

    • Hi Tiptopcat,

      You have it exactly right. Loads of people will start trying to make money on the Internet but nearly all will fail. It is those of us that stay the course that will make the money.

      I am sure you will make your thousand a month soon enough, it seems to build once you have made that first bit of money. My goal is a thousand a day in 4 years time. Dollars that is, £’s would be even better. I think it can be done and I am going to work towards it.

      The one thing I have been doing this last week is getting ready for Christmas. Lots of posts about things people may buy for the season. I think if I get stuff up now and work on the backlinks it could see some nice money coming in. It also means I am writing about some totally different topics to normal which certainly breaks the tedium somewhat. Here is to your first £1000 month.

  22. Joe Revod says:


    Really nice post.
    So informative.

    what do you think about a blog that consist of many google ads?

    I just want to give you an idea about this blogpost (of course if you don’t mind about it).

    Why don’t you separate those topics?
    Maybe if you do this way, you will have a lots lots lots visitor more than now. :p
    Because, I admitted you’ve gave a very very detail information for each topic.
    And for sure, you will get many many new leads from it 🙂

    Success to you always.
    Cant wait for your next GREAT article.


    • Hi Joe

      Thanks for your kind words. In answer to your question, this is not a make money online blog. It is about topics like gardening, compost etc. I just did a one off post so that if people wish to make money online they can simply refer to a single post.

      I don’t want to split it up as it is not really what this site is about and I did not want it to get out of hand. I hope that you found it useful and thanks for your opinion.

  23. VicW says:

    Hi – nice long post ! And congratulations on the 100 a day that’s pretty good going (better than me). I had never heard of DevHub so thanks for that – I will sign up so you should be getting 10% of what I make for the next 3 years ! 🙂
    I have a question which I would be grateful if you have any insight into. I have a finance site that works quite well and brings in about 80% of my blog income but every time I go out and get some more backlinks to it, the income drops ! This last time quite dramatically, i.e. a drop of around 75% ! Any idea why this is happening and what I am doing wrong ? Thanks for any info. you may have. VicW

    • Hi Vic,

      Is it an adsense site? Maybe the new links bring in some less targeted traffic and your CPC takes a nose-dive? I have been finding that sites can also drop in the rankings for a while when they get good quality backlinks. They soon come back though and usually stronger. Finance is a very high profile niche as well so maybe you just get messed about more whenever you get new links. Just a thought.

      All the best.

  24. VicW says:

    Thanks for the info. – yes it is Adsense (it’s all I use) from what you say it sounds as if it’s not just me, which is nice to know. I signed up for the article site by the way.

    • Hey Vic,

      We get messed around all the time on our main adsense blogs. It is especially the case if you get clicks that are not from good search engines results. The less targeted the traffic source the worse it seems to get. Also many niches, like yours, and a few of ours, seem to get dumped in the SERPS on a regular basis. This is why it is extremely important not to rely on one or even two niches. Diversification is definitely the key to regular income.

      We even make a site about a subject we can earn well on each. That way if one bombs we concentrate on the other. A backup is always a good idea.

  25. Chris Hecker says:

    What a superb article! Very well written, honest, and informative. I like the fact that you say that writing can be boring – I think a lot of people feel that way but are afraid to admit it. You have really shown how hard work, dedication, and determination have really paid off! I have bookmarked this article and will keep it for future reference. Currently I am making almost nil on my blog and website, but I am determined to make money online. Thanks again for the excellent article.

    • Hi Chris

      Yep, it’s not all glamorous. It takes lots of work and an awful lot of writing but it can be done. I am sure you will get there if you just keep on going.

  26. Ashley Cheek says:

    Hi! Thank you for this very informative post. I would like to see if you could help me with a bit of confusion I have when it comes to & headers. First of all I don’t really know what they are & why they are relevant. It appears that the h1 header serves the purpose of bolding the Subject of each new post that you do. And it appears that the h2 header serves the purpose of bolding a subtitle for that post. Then other information I get makes it appear that the title of the entire blog is where the h1 goes…..
    I am thouroughly confused! Please help!
    When looking through Grizzly’s site he mentioned that you should use these headers in certain place on your page. But being new to this I have to say am very lost. I guess I need to know what exactly these headers are. I’ve looked up information on it but the information seems sort of contradictory. And I even followed the directions of looking at the “source code” of a page to see if I could find it myself but did not have success. Maybe I just need an example. I was reading your article here and you mentioned in one of your comment replys that you use headers throughout your posts for the best optimization. I’m just in a big ball of confusion. From what I can see it appears that the title of each post would need to be in H1 tags. (is this correct?) For the reason of letting the Google bot know that this is what the post is going to be about (is that correct?). But then I”m ultra confused with where the h2’s come in. Sorry if I sound stupid but I read where you said that people can make money with this if they do it right. I just want to understand it all so I can do it right. Thank you in advance for your help

    • Hi Ashley

      If you use wordpress then it is very simple. Just by writing the title of a post it is automatically a header 1 which is given the most weight by search engines to describe what the post is about. You don’t need to put it in tags manually as it is done simply by writing a post title. AS to header 2 tags when you are writing a post there is an option underneath where you write your post title that says paragraph. You can click this and change text to header sizes that you want.

      To be honest it is not worth getting too worried about. I feel it does give more weight to the content of a post and it certainly makes it appear to search engines that you cover a topic more comprehensively by breaking up a post with a few header 2’s. You should be able to do it easily in the manner I just described. For anything apart from using wordpres or blogger and the like though I am not sure how you go about it apart from manually .

      I hope this clears it up for you. In summary, when writing a blog post the title is automatically given a header 1 attribute. Then when you want sub headings in a post simply highlight what you want to make a header 2 and choose it from the drop down options where it says paragraph just above where you write the main content. It does help optimize posts a littel and gives a slight boost but don’t get too hung up on things like this.

      The absolute best thing is just to concentrate on getting loads of content online and getting backlinks to it.

      I hope this helps, let me know if it is what you were after. All the best.

  27. Ashley Cheek says:

    Thank you oh so very much! This is exactly what I was looking for! Sometimes when I am really trying to do my best at learning something I can get a little too into wantig to get it all perfect. You more than answered my question. Thank you very much. I will refer back to your page often, and do what I can to help you guys out. Thank you!

  28. Barb says:

    Great article! I’m just now getting started. I’ve been running a private blog for YEARS now and never got around to thinking about doing it for profit. Talk about a “head slap” moment. Ok, onward. I’m excited to have another outlet, well MANY outlets, for the frustrated writer in me. I am also into self-sufficiency….been a small farmer for years. Now if I can just turn my years of experience into a side income, I’ll be a happy camper! I bookmarked your article, started implementing your tips and I’ve been reading Grizz’s site. I almost signed up for SBI! but thanks to you guys, I’m saving all that money. All the best to you.

  29. jessestrish says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for this economically viable education for us homesteaders who cherish being home with our children but desire to be financially independent and responsible while doing so. Thank you again, Trish

  30. nice friend i m lovin it great

  31. Jo says:

    Thankyou so much for such a fantastic post. I’m definitely going to head over to that site of Grizz that you’ve mentioned. And some other great resources here too that I hadn’t heard of.

    I’ve only ever built small product niche sites, and I’m ready for a change. I wish I had found this sooner! Many thanks and congrats on a great blog! I have you bookmarked for this as well as your self-sufficient tips.

  32. Justin says:

    Wow, thanks for a great post. I never expected to find this article here, but it was timely and informative as well.
    I’m fairly new to blogging, and good honest advise is always welcome.

  33. Carl says:

    really cool article, and a great start for anyone who is serious about making online income. It’s people like you and Grizzly who make it possible for people like me to earn an online income that turns passive as time goes by. Thx

  34. Sid says:

    I am just starting out with ways to earn money online right now I am trying adsense so I find this article helpful.

  35. Hi Mr DB,

    I have been studying the kind of titles you are using. Do you use these because you think these are the buying keywords that will give you more clicks or sales? How do you come up with these?


    • Aaron

      This site is probably the worst example of how to make a lot of money from blogs. Some titles are for buying keywords, ie cheap or buy or for sale are always good titles, as are who sells, where to buy and best price, these are searched for a surprising amount of times as are anything with review in the title.

      But, for this site we like to just have fun and talk about things we are interested in so often I do no keyword research and just write to vent a little and talk about stuff I am interested in. It is nice to have a few sites that are not totally focused on making cash online, just to have a bit of a break and write more honestly.

      As to how to come up with the best titles I find it always best to look at stats for my sites. See what keywords people are finding your site for and if you don’t have a post with those keywords in the title then write one. Then link the new post using those keywords to the post that was showing up for those words and link that post to the new post. The result is often a double listing in google which really ups the traffic, and the money of course.

      Hope this helps.

  36. That is very good advice! I will try it and see how it works for me. Thanks again!

  37. Home Based Moneymaker says:

    Never saw this much good advice on making money all in one place, thanks!

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  39. majin22 says:

    this is a great post and I will surely come back to this site to read your future articles

  40. ryan says:

    WoW, now that was one heck of an article. Good job, a giant make money online post of epic portions.

  41. Make A Lot Of Money says:

    great blog! I tried Amazon for a while, but I find the inventory is a hassle. Writing and affiliate marketing seem to be the best methods.

  42. Fernanda says:

    I am just getting myself into the world of Inernet marketing and I came across this blog post while doing some research. I’d very much like to sign up for Pepperjam via your affiliate link, but when I clidked on the link in this post I was told it was not valid. Please get in touch with me ASAP with the correct link and I will sign up through it if I hear back from you soon. If I don’t get a response I’ll just register through the main website. I’d love to see you credited with my registration, though.
    Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

    • Fernanda, thanks for that. I will have to look in to the link but just sign up with them direct, but I appreciate the kind offer. Good luck with them.

  43. Wow!! I’ve learned so much with this post, so much information and a great help for new in this market like me. Thanks for sharing this post 🙂

  44. Gideon says:

    Great post! Wish I had found it months ago. It would have saved me a whole lot of trial and error(mostly error). I’m almost at the point where i can quit my day job, but not quite. I was wondering if you ever tried using any of the link builder services. I was thinking using one of these services combined with the links I’m building on my own might speed up the process a bit. I’m just not sure if they’re worth the money.

    • Gideon I am just about to try Build My Rank which has a lot of high PR sites to use. Backlinks Philippines has given me amazing results within days in terms of ranking and is the best service I have found, currently forum profile links work amazingly well.

      And if you join The Keyword Academy they have a system that you can then use called Postrunner. Similar to Build my rank but a little cheaper. Try it for a month, it’s a dollar. And build my rank also offers a free trial. A combination of that lot and you will have more on your plate than you can handle. Hope that helps.

  45. Nicola says:

    Thank you. I have “A Self-Sufficient Life” right on my Yahoo homepage. I really have wondered about why I “never” see new posts from Mr.& Mrs. DB, now I know a bit more.
    I don’t even have a blog yet, but just a couple of weeks ago, I thought “Hmm, maybe I should Start blogging. But what would I write about?” I haven’t gotten much past that, but when I do, I’ll definitely be _studying_ what I skimmed here tonight. I need to let it “percolate” for a bit. It sure will be nice to have an answer for my boyfriend’s “What is all that time you spend online helping you accomplish? Where’s the payout?” So, again, thank you for helping me realize I can get to do someting useful on the ‘net.

  46. sakeenah says:

    Your pepperjam link is invalid it says

  47. Barb says:

    Another suggestion is it hasn’t already be made is to do your backlinks at Xomba and She Told me. You can earn revenue there just for bookmarking sites and only need to include 50 words describing the site. At both Sites you can earn Adsense money.

  48. Emily says:

    Hey, about 8 months ago, one of my blog readers sent me here as a tip. I found Grizz from you, then the Keyword Academy from Grizz. I am just now topping $100 a month and I am psyched. I’ve made money online in other ways, but I love how this can be converted into passive income. I feel like I owe you a lot, so thank you!

    • Emily that is great. It is nice to hear when someone is making a go of it. Keep at it and it will soon be $100 a day!!!!

      • Emily says:

        Dave, I just had my first over $100 day, and I see many more where that came from.

        I feel like I owe you some money! LOL

        I’ll be buying everything from Amazon via your aff link from now on. (:

        I really can’t tell you how much this has changed my life; this post getting me started and your other money site have had more of an influence than you can imagine. My family was below the US poverty line, so I’m glad you posted this stuff here, because you reach a totally different audience here.

  49. saigon says:

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    • AKarp,

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    Bob Barber

    • Bob,

      Glad it was of help. With adwords you get about 50% and often closer to 80% of the cost per click if someone clicks the ad. You will find higher paying keywords but the thing to keep in mind is that the higher the CPC the more competitive it will be to get traffic for as well.

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