Drastically Cut Electricity Costs

Well, it seems like I haven’t been here for ages. This is Mr. Dirty Boots in case you had forgotten about me. In an effort to ensure we can continue our self sufficient life on our mountainside I have been spending the last few months learning all there is to know about Internet marketing and making money via the Internet. Amazing what you can do with a laptop, a solar panel and a satellite Internet connection really. It has gone surprisingly well and I can see us being able to easily support our lifestyle whilst making money online via what […]

The Best Inverters. Pure Sinewave Inverters

Many of us wishing to become Self  Sufficient, especially when it comes to our Electrical needs, will have begun delving in to the world of Inverters, Solar Panels, Deep Cycle Batteries and more. There is a surprising array of different makes and models to choose from. It can seem like a very complicated business, but once understood a Solar or Wind Powered system is surprisingly easy to install. The backbone of an off grid or grid-tied power system is the Inverter. The best Inverters are not always the most expensive, they are the best Inverter for the job. Choosing The […]

Are Whistling Hob Kettles More Efficient?

For the last three months we have been using a stove top kettle that had no handle or whistle.  We do not like to buy things new.  But after failing to find a replacement at a car boot sale or the tip we  eventually had to give in.   A kettle full of hot water and no handle is a dangerous thing but a pan of water just isn’t very easy to pour a cuppa from. Don’t be daft, of course I didn’t spend that much on a pretty Alessi kettle! Scroll down to see my cheap, green version! 😉 Well […]

Saving On Electricity-An Easy Way To Save Money

Strangely enough this very easy method of saving Electricity was actually inspired (copied) from a tradition we found prevalent in Thailand. Every morning a large quantity of water would be boiled that was to be used throughout the day. Whether it was for making Coffee or Tea, or any of the numerous other Cooking Duties that involved the use of Hot Water this is what they would do. After the water was boiled it would be transferred to a Pump Thermos. This is an amazingly effective way of saving vast amounts of Electricity. It is nearly impossible to only boil […]

How To Save On Electricity

Living totally off grid we are very conservative with our energy usage. This was not always the case though. When we lived in the UK with all the modern conveniences that town living brings, we never really thought about the electricity we were using in the home. Now it is a completely different matter. When the Sun shines we get electricity which is stored in a bank of batteries, but no sun equals no power to store. We have a generator as a backup but we would rather be ultra conservative in our energy usage and keep the use of […]