Saving On Electricity-An Easy Way To Save Money

Strangely enough this very easy method of saving Electricity was actually inspired (copied) from a tradition we found prevalent in Thailand. Every morning a large quantity of water would be boiled that was to be used throughout the day. Whether it was for making Coffee or Tea, or any of the numerous other Cooking Duties that involved the use of Hot Water this is what they would do. After the water was boiled it would be transferred to a Pump Thermos. This is an amazingly effective way of saving vast amounts of Electricity. It is nearly impossible to only boil […]

How To Save On Electricity

Living totally off grid we are very conservative with our energy usage. This was not always the case though. When we lived in the UK with all the modern conveniences that town living brings, we never really thought about the electricity we were using in the home. Now it is a completely different matter. When the Sun shines we get electricity which is stored in a bank of batteries, but no sun equals no power to store. We have a generator as a backup but we would rather be ultra conservative in our energy usage and keep the use of […]