Emergency Survival Food Supply 275 Meal Pack

Emergency Survival Food Supply 275 Meal Pack

I came across the Emergency Survival Food Supply 275 Meal Pack the other day and it got me to thinking about all manner of things. Self sufficiency is one thing but I wonder what would happen if there was no access to the shops for a few weeks. Maybe some form of a backup plan is on order. Here is the link to the product in question Emergency Survival Food Supply 275 Meal Pack As you can see it is pretty cheap, actually a lot cheaper than I would have imagined. The product itself is a bucket full of food […]

How To Save Money On Food

Although we are no longer in a bad financial situation, like we were not so long ago, I still can’t help but be very frugal. Making a living from online endeavours, which I won’t bore you with, has allowed us to actually spend money on a few needed things for the first time in a long while. Today I thought I would look back over recent times and give you some tips on how to save money on food costs without actually going down the road of actually starving! Back when we were really pushed for money and the garden […]

Chest Freezer To Fridge Conversion-The Most Energy Efficient Fridge Ever

Read this and weep all you eco enthusiasts. Want to really be “green” and cut your power consumption massively? Then you need to think a little outside of the box and do something about that power hungry tall white box in the kitchen. Let the self sufficiency website be your guide for the day. This article will tell you how to drastically cut down on your daily electricity costs and how to convert a chest freezer in to a fridge. You won’t break the warranty, you don’t have to touch any of the inner workings of a freezer to turn […]

Green Flooring – Eco Friendly Flooring

Our millions of regular self sufficient readers (well, all 200 of you) will know (if you have been paying attention), that we live in Spain. It is the tradition here in nearly all homes to have tiled floors. Wooden floors are not really the norm and carpets are quite the exception to the rule. This is partly because of the heat during the summer, the number of bugs and woodworm that seem to be present, especially in the countryside, but I think it is mainly down to the fact that little consideration is made for protecting interiors from the rain […]

I Done A Bad Thing – Cheap Plane Tickets, And Monstrous After Effects

Well, actually it was a great thing, but with the rather in depth conversation in the last post about what being “eco” really means, it was very bad from that point of view. I took about 3 million flights and flew about as far away as you can possibly go to go to my sisters wedding in New Zealand. Not very eco friendly at all. A great time was had by all and it was great to see my little Sis get married. I was only there for 6 days and then 4 more were spent getting there and back. […]

Are You An “Eco” Hypocrite?

I was watching something last night on TV about protestors at a power station and it got me thinking. Are we all just “eco hypocrites”. To be honest I am less interested in environmental issues than some of you may think. I am still dubious about Global warming and I know many of you will be sighing in sympathy for my stupidity. Well, that is as may be. The truth is I am more in to being self sufficient than anything else. For me this means: No bills No mortgage Growing veggies Keeping chickens Working for myself Not spending to […]

Make Some Real Compost

We have now been making compost for years, especially since we began a more self sufficient lifestlye. No fancy setup although I would still have a compost tumbler if we did not have such a large plot that we can use, with pretty much unlimited space. Many people come to this site looking for various snippets of wisdom about how to make compost, what to compost, can you put this, and can you put that on the compost heap. Here I would like to dispel a few myths about what exactly composts and how many people may be missing out […]