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This is not something that I do very often but as this site has grown and we have now got a few hundred regular readers and an awful lot of people come here every day via the search engines I thought it was about time to share the Self Sufficiency Love.

We read a number of other self sufficient websites and blogs and although we don’t comment on them as often as we used to (sorry Guys) you can rest assured that the ones we like we keep up to date with in our Reader. What I would like to do today is to offer you the chance to simply leave a comment and tell everyone who your favorite self sufficiency site is.

This means that me and Mrs. Dirty Boots may get he chance to find some great new sites of interest and it means you are doing your favorite site a favor by giving them some free publicity. Blatant self promotion is not allowed so get a friend to be blatant for you 😉

Let’s see just what interesting sites there are out there. Feel free to list a few if you wish but of course if I sense any funny business then you are going DOWN never to return. What with me being all “techy” nowadays I have the ability to actually ban you from the whole T’Internet. What will you do then?

It will be interesting to see if anyone actually comments, usually when I come up with what I think is a fantastic idea it totally dies a death and I vow never to try to be interesting again.

Self sufficiency, gardening, solar, eco, frugal living and related stuff only. No sites unrelated to, well, you get the idea………

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  1. Jef says:

    Even though this site is mainly a store there is some good info on it regarding solar and other renewable energy topics. They also have an AltE University link on the Learn tab.

    Here is a solar site for do-it-yourselfers that has some good info.

  2. d.a. says:

    I like the “Ask Jackie” column from Backwoods Home Magazine:

    Everything from food preservation, to animal husbandry, to alternative fuels, to frugality. You can ask questions, and she’ll answer on her blog.

  3. Jackie Bolen says:

    Hey there…I’m a huge fan of reusable menstrual products like menstrual cups, reusable cloth pads, etc. Check out this site:

    Reviews, information, etc.