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I really can’t express what great little Eco Gadgets Solar/Wind Up Radios are.

Next to the Laptop it is probably one of the most used items in the house.

We purchased a Solar and Wind Up Radio over ten years ago now and it is still going strong!  A minutes worth of winding and it runs for well over an hour!

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or read on to find out why we love our original Freeplay wind up/solar radio.

wind up radioWhen the sun is shining it quickly stores up energy and runs the whole day. We really have found it invaluable. Whether we are outside working, on holiday (not that we get any anymore), doing chores in the house, or wherever we are it has been a great source of free entertainment.

There are so many advantages to wind up and solar products it is hard to know where to begin.

Solar/Wind Up Radios

The benefits are obvious really.

  • Never buy batteries again
  • It will always work, if no Sun then you just wind it up for a minute or so
  • Easily portable so you will have some company while cleaning out the Chickens!
  • Vastly saving on the negative impact batteries have on the environment
  • Very durable and hard wearing
  • You can take it anywhere and listen to your favourite stations for absolutely free
  • Great reception
  • Keeps you motivated when performing tedious chores (especially wood chopping)!

I can’t recommend them enough. A bit of music or a talk radio station is sometimes what keeps me motivated when Mrs.Dirty Boots has got me pick-axing yet another Deep Bed. Double Digging needs some motivation!

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