Cheap Easy Meals – Onion and Thyme Tart

I figure its time for some healthy quick recipes in this series of cheap easy meals.  I’m looking at some quick healthy meals that are suitable for lunch or supper.  Alone they make fine lunches, but with the addition of some vegetables or salad and potatoes or bread they make great supper dishes too. To start we’ve got a really simple Onion & Thyme Tart recipe.  Yes there is pastry involved but this is a pretty damp scone type mixture that doesn’t even need meaning getting the rolling pin out.  This is pastry making for those who just do not […]

Cheap Easy Meals – Chapatis

Homemade Chapattis are the thing we use instead of bread the most.  They really make cheap easy meals in no time at all.   There are many ways to personalise chapattis but all are healthy quick recipes for frugal food.  Of course you could serve chapattis with meat but I find they really lend themselves to Vegetarian Quick Easy Meals.  So all the ideas below are Vegetarian.  And, yes we eat chapattis for supper too, but they make fantastic frugal brunch recipes too. In my search for a substitute to bought bread I do occasionally make real bread.  But I wouldn’t […]

Cheap Easy Meals – Homemade Crumpets

Continuing frugal food for breakfast.  I have to confess a deep admiration for the humble crumpet.   Try them and you will see why!  Homemade crumpets really do make cheap easy meals.  All you need are some store-cupboard ingredients and you’re off! Cheap Easy Meals – Homemade Crumpets I know you can buy perfectly good crumpets in the shops. But though I cannot deny they are quick and pretty cheap, they are usually packed with preservatives too. Homemade crumpets are better for you, even cheaper and pretty darn quick too. There are many ways of making crumpets. Usually yeast is used […]