Save Money And Time With A Japanese Rice Cooker

Japanese Rice Cooker

This is a guest post from Andy. He lives and works in Japan and has certainly fully embraced both the culture and the way of life. Read on for lots of very good information on Japanese Rice Cookers and why they really are such a great little idea. This article will discuss the various ways to put a rice cooker to use to prepare money saving, as well as time saving, meals. Mr. Dirty Boots has offered me the chance to discuss my frugal living tips from the land of the rising sun. One of the best pieces of money […]

Cheap Easy Meals – Vegetable Tian Recipe

Another cheap one of those quick healthy meals you can customise easily depending on what’s in the fridge or garden.   This is very loosely based on a recipe my mother makes regularly.  She followed a proper recipe for Spinach & Courgette Tian which is wonderful.  I am the only courgette (sorry zucchini) lover in our house so tend to make it with other vegetables instead. The addition of a few rashers of streaky bacon adds some more texture and a cheap way of convincing carnivores they’re not being too hard done by.  More often than not I leave the meat […]

Cheap Easy Meals – Onion and Thyme Tart

I figure its time for some healthy quick recipes in this series of cheap easy meals.  I’m looking at some quick healthy meals that are suitable for lunch or supper.  Alone they make fine lunches, but with the addition of some vegetables or salad and potatoes or bread they make great supper dishes too. To start we’ve got a really simple Onion & Thyme Tart recipe.  Yes there is pastry involved but this is a pretty damp scone type mixture that doesn’t even need meaning getting the rolling pin out.  This is pastry making for those who just do not […]

Cheap Easy Meals – Brunchtime Spiced Muffins

One of my absolute favorite Brunch-time Cheap Easy Meals has to be Spiced Muffins.  They put me in such a lovely mood.  Cinnamon and nutmeg wafting about the kitchen.  But cunningly they only take 30 mins to make all in.  With 20 minutes of that being those muffins left alone in the oven, you only have 10 minutes of anything to do!  Well you do have to eat those magnificent muffins for your brunch-time cheap quick meals too.  Not too much of a hardship! These muffins are not too sweet as they’re a morning muffin rather than a tea-time one.  […]

Cheap Easy Meals – Chapatis

Homemade Chapattis are the thing we use instead of bread the most.  They really make cheap easy meals in no time at all.   There are many ways to personalise chapattis but all are healthy quick recipes for frugal food.  Of course you could serve chapattis with meat but I find they really lend themselves to Vegetarian Quick Easy Meals.  So all the ideas below are Vegetarian.  And, yes we eat chapattis for supper too, but they make fantastic frugal brunch recipes too. In my search for a substitute to bought bread I do occasionally make real bread.  But I wouldn’t […]

Cheap Easy Meals – Homemade Crumpets

Continuing frugal food for breakfast.  I have to confess a deep admiration for the humble crumpet.   Try them and you will see why!  Homemade crumpets really do make cheap easy meals.  All you need are some store-cupboard ingredients and you’re off! Cheap Easy Meals – Homemade Crumpets I know you can buy perfectly good crumpets in the shops. But though I cannot deny they are quick and pretty cheap, they are usually packed with preservatives too. Homemade crumpets are better for you, even cheaper and pretty darn quick too. There are many ways of making crumpets. Usually yeast is used […]

Cheap Easy Meals – Homemade Yogurt & the Cheapest Muesli

We’re starting off the cheap easy meals for breakfast or brunch with homemade yogurt and muesli.  This truly is a luxurious but healthy and quick recipe.  Totally flexible too, add what you like, there’s no need to get precious about breakfast!  Not entirely self sufficient, but this is definitely frugal food. Okay, homemade yogurt is not a quick healthy recipe to consider first thing in the morning.  But, make some homemade yogurt on a Sunday evening and it’s ready and waiting on Monday morning (and all week if you don’t eat it all before then).  And, one thing you can […]