Schug Chili Paste Recipe

This year in the Self Sufficient garden, we have had an extremely successful chili crop.  So successful in fact, that even my desire for all things Hot ‘n’ Spicy has been complete satiated. But I had never before made a Chili Paste preserve. I had nearly run out of things to do with them all.  We have a fair few ripe chillies, both large and small drying outside, and many (too many) jars of Pickled Chilies in the larder.  I felt like doing something different and found a truly Hot Chili Paste called Schug.  With a name like that how […]

The Self Sufficient Vegetable Garden

This year in the huerto where all our organic vegetable growing, is going on,  we’re self sufficient in… Chillies! Okay, so this is not the most useful thing to be self sufficient in.  But, they are packed with vitamin C, so we’re feeling pretty healthy.  And, it got me to thinking…  I thought about how the vegetable plot is very different every year.  We’re learning all the time and trying out new things.  But, with the best will in the world, a lot of our successes and failures in the vegetable growing department, are left down to the weather. Weather […]