How To Build A Compost Bin

As you know, I am all for making things for free if I can.  It is not for everyone but I thought I would give everyone the quick and easy way to learn how to build a Compost Bin at home. Searching the Web I am surprised that the Garden Composting Bin Plans that I could find all seemed so complicated to follow.  Well, I will be keeping it as simple as possible.  Compost Bin Plans should be so easy to follow that people will be inclined to build one themselves, not be put off by technicalities. We have built […]

John Seymour – The ‘Dirty Boots’ Gang’s Hero.

We gardened before we’d heard of John Seymour but once we had got hold of a few of his books our gardening really took off. He  had small-holdings and lived a relatively self sufficient life with his family in Suffolk and then Wales for many years.   In Wales he even created a school in the arts of self sufficiency.  His books share some of his huge wealth of knowledge, personally gained and researched – he remained clued up on the cutting edge of self sustainability thinking. Most importantly though he was an excellent teacher.  I wish we’d had the chance […]