Frugal Sustainable Gift Wrapping

Today we have something a little out of the ordinary at the kind of Self Sufficient Life; a guest post from Kate Willson about helping achieve a frugal gift giving season this year.  So over to Kate: Christmas is fast approaching, and as some of you may know, sometimes buying the wrapping paper can cost as much as the actual gifts. To save money this season and continue with your mission to live green, below are some great and cheap ways to package your gifts this Christmas. Old Gift Bags/Wrapping paper—The easiest way to save and be green is to simply reuse old […]

Which Solar BackPack To Buy? Solar Backpack Reviews

Here at A Self Sufficient Life we rely on solar power for all our day to day energy needs. After the initial set up power is harvested free of charge, a delightful way to make the most of a sunny (or indeed not so sunny) day.  But Solar Power and Solar Panels are not just for the Off Grid Living brigade. Everyone could (and indeed should) make use of the power of solar panels. Click the Links to View All Solar BackPacks & Solar Laptop Chargers Take a look at some of the great solar backpacks via the links above. […]

Outdoor Fire Pits – Gifts for Gardeners

We’re still talking Gift Ideas at A Self Sufficient Life, not that we’ve actually bought any yet, but the ‘Chrimbo Converstation’ continues.  What started out as Gifts for Gardeners as quickly become ‘Oooh one of those would be nice…’.  It’s due to a gift amnesty which has been in place for a few years I think.  Maybe, just maybe this year will be the one where we buy each other something – from a shop!  Not very self sufficient but quite exciting. My inner consumer is definitely coming out! Check out all the Great Fire Pits for Sale Here… Anyway, […]

Gifts for Gardeners – Kitchen Compost Pails: Compost Pails For Kitchens

Here at Dirty Boots HQ we try to be as Self Sufficient as possible.  Part of that frugal living is an abundance of jam giving at birthdays and Christmas.   Last night the ‘Chrimbo Conversation’ began and we decided to make a concerted effort to organise gift production and even a few gift purchases in plenty of time for the big day.  The ever spectacular Spanish postal service may well still ensure our family’s gifts arrive late but at least this year we will know we tried. Click to View the Compost Pails I’m Lusting After! As you can imagine we […]