Chest Freezer To Fridge Conversion-The Most Energy Efficient Fridge Ever

Read this and weep all you eco enthusiasts. Want to really be “green” and cut your power consumption massively? Then you need to think a little outside of the box and do something about that power hungry tall white box in the kitchen. Let the self sufficiency website be your guide for the day. This article will tell you how to drastically cut down on your daily electricity costs and how to convert a chest freezer in to a fridge. You won’t break the warranty, you don’t have to touch any of the inner workings of a freezer to turn […]

Which Solar BackPack To Buy? Solar Backpack Reviews

Here at A Self Sufficient Life we rely on solar power for all our day to day energy needs. After the initial set up power is harvested free of charge, a delightful way to make the most of a sunny (or indeed not so sunny) day.  But Solar Power and Solar Panels are not just for the Off Grid Living brigade. Everyone could (and indeed should) make use of the power of solar panels. Click the Links to View All Solar BackPacks & Solar Laptop Chargers Take a look at some of the great solar backpacks via the links above. […]

Cheap Solar Panels For Sale Online

Please read on for lots of information on cheap solar panels for sale and also my thoughts on the book that tells you how to make a solar panel at home for a low price. Below you will find some of the best priced solar panels online so be sure to take a look. Click any item to see the whole massive range available. Click to Check Out All Cheap Solar Panels for Sale 5 or so years ago when we bought our solar system there were not as many resources available to buy solar panels online. I did eventually […]

What Does Being Self Sufficient Mean?

I was talking about this with Mrs. Dirty Boots last night. What exactly does being self sufficient mean? I guess it means different things to different people. I would love for you to leave a comment after this post and let me know what it means to you. EDIT: Please note that this is a long post. I seem to have got a little carried away. I believe it IS important though. Please read it and leave a comment about how you feel about it. This article kind of sums up at least my attitude to the way we live […]

Make Money Writing Online

Or, how to stop working for the man. How To Make Money  Writing Online Not so long ago I told you that, in an effort to be able to continue our self sufficient life I decided to see if I could learn how to make money online. We had no work and things were beginning to get very serious, money wise. We already had this blog but it was set up more as a fun project to do together, rather than as a money making exercise. Just as well really, as it makes nothing in terms of monetary value really. […]

Do You Use a Moon Cup? The Menstrual Cup Review

menstrual cups

This is a post for the girls. Since I’ve been writing a lot about cleaning lately and generally being a bit ‘girlie’ I may as well air my dirty laundry completely, and talk about the mysterious menstrual cup. Thankfully since first writing this post these have become a lot more common and are finally losing a little of their mystery. But if you don’t have a BFF who uses them to explain the details read on… There are a few different brands out there but personally I am a fan of Mooncups.  And, though I don’t have ‘self sufficient‘ periods, […]

Tips For Traditional Cleaning Without Chemicals Green Cleaning Products

Traditional Cleaning Without Chemicals Trying to be self-sufficient? Frugal? Green?  Cheap? Save the Planet? Keep your pets or kids safe? Or do you just want less cleaning products taking up space in your cupboards or to use more green cleaning products? Want to find cool eco cleaning products like the goodbye detergent original spaghetti scrub? Here’s what you need to carry out most of the household cleaning. Casa Dirty Boots Eco Cleaning Products Microfibre cloths White vinegar Liquid or soft soap Bicarbonate of Soda (Baking Soda or Soda Crystals) Salt Mild Liquid Detergent (Washing Up Liquid) Eco Wash Balls or […]