Organic Shampoo for Better or Worse?

This is guest post and it makes for some very interesting reading, the things you learn by having a website! A friend of mine who was very proud of his luscious head of hair used to always talk about the benefits of either not washing his hair with any shampoo and only using an organic shampoo when he did. Admittedly, his hair was very impressive but I always put this down to his genes rather than his hair care routine. However, now I am not so sure. When he went overseas, my friend gifted me his stock of organic shampoo […]

Protecting Your Garden from Genetically Modified Pollen

Today, at A Self Sufficient Life, we have a guest post by Ashley Warner.  It’s an interesting look at the perhaps very worrying world of GM food and the implication for home grown crops everywhere: Genetically modified organisms (GMO) have sparked a hot debate in the world of agriculture.  Many people scorn the usage of genetically modified seeds due to their questionable safety of consumption and potentially harmful biological effects.  Others claim that this attitude is pure conservatism and that GMO crops are the future of agriculture, bringing higher yields to poorer land and allowing us to feed a burgeoning world population. Whether safe […]

Frugal Sustainable Gift Wrapping

Today we have something a little out of the ordinary at the kind of Self Sufficient Life; a guest post from Kate Willson about helping achieve a frugal gift giving season this year.  So over to Kate: Christmas is fast approaching, and as some of you may know, sometimes buying the wrapping paper can cost as much as the actual gifts. To save money this season and continue with your mission to live green, below are some great and cheap ways to package your gifts this Christmas. Old Gift Bags/Wrapping paper—The easiest way to save and be green is to simply reuse old […]

Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Sorry for such a long absence, we have been very busy. John, who runs Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring has kindly sent in a guest post all about a great flooring product that is extremely environmentally friendly as well as very aesthetically pleasing. His article also ties in very nicely with the eco friendly flooring questions I posed and seems like a great choice to make. Have a read and see what you think. Strand woven bamboo flooring is one of the best new environmentally friendly products to hit the market. The world has woken up to the dangers of over-logging the […]

Is Investing In Green Stocks A Good Idea?

Today we have a guest post from Bruce here at the self sufficiency site. He makes some interesting points about investing in companies that are maybe more environmentally friendly. Many people have money invested in shares so do you think it is time to re-consider your portfolio to have maybe a slightly more environmentally friendly bias? Or do you think it would be harder to make money with a portfolio of this manner? Interesting to think about at the very least. Wherever you go in the world now, you see evidence that it is going “green”. Whether you believe in […]

Solar Powered Tiki Torches And Eco Hypocrites

A strange title you may be saying but read on for a very interesting take on the world of the “Eco” movement and a great response to a post I made not so long ago. Here at the Self Sufficiency website we are pleased to have this guest post from John and if you would like to write a guest post of your own feel free to contact us. In response to the article entitled Are you an”Eco” Hypocrite the answer in the widest possible sense is that we are all eco hypocrites or ecocrites. Just being alive requires us […]

How to use energy efficient space heaters to save energy & money

This is a guest post from Jeff at who has many great ideas on products that will move you more to Self Sufficiency by being more energy conscious. After the recent record cold spells experienced by much of the United States, you may be dreading the arrival of the electric, gas or heating oil bill. Now’s the time to start planning to handle the next cold snap more efficiently and cost-effectively… and energy efficient space heaters might work well as a part of the plan. Now, you may be thinking “Aren’t space heaters energy-hogs?” In most cases, yes… and […]