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Back when we realized that moving to Spain had one serious drawback (earning money) I took a look at the world of Survey taking. To get paid to take paid surveys online seemed like a good way to earn an extra income. It is all part of being more independent and living a more Self Sufficient life.

As I began looking in to how to go about doing this one thing became more than apparent. The paid survey world is full of online scams. An awful lot of the websites I came across were nothing more than SCAMS. Full of people promising that you would get paid hundreds of dollars a survey IF you sent them a fee of $30 or so before they sent you a magic list of survey companies that would pay you amazing money for filling out a quick online questionnaire. This article will help you avoid this problem and here I will give you a nice long list of all the Survey sites that you can join FOR FREE and they will then send you surveys and when you complete them they will credit your account.

Let’s get one thing straight though, you will not become UBER RICH doing this, but when I had my nice long list and did it on a regular basis I made some very good extra money. Many sites will only pay you $.10 a survey and others can even be less, but many will pay you a good few dollars, or pounds, for ten or twenty minutes of your time. The most I ever got paid was fifteen UK pounds which is about $23 for a single survey. If you want to earn an extra income then this is about one of the easiest ways to make money on the Internet, if you can get a big list of  Survey companies that are legitimate. Before I talk about how to actually make the most money from taking surveys I will provide the list that I wrote up after a very long and tedious few days trying to find the legitimate ones and the ones that were simply out to take your money.

Some on the list (most) are straight up sites where you register and then they send you surveys, some send every day and other may be only on occasion. A few of the sites work a little differently, but I made money from them and it all adds to the pot at the end of the day.

A List Of “Get Paid To Take Surveys Online” Sites




These are the best of the best. If you want to make money from taking surveys then here is what I found. If you only join one or two sites then you will simply be wasting your time. While sites like Ciao send out surveys almost every day, some of the others are very infrequent or come in waves.

To make some very god extra income simply take some time to join all that you can. That means if you are from the US then join the US only and all the International sites as well. For the UK then join the UK only and the International. If you do this then you will find what I did, i.e you make some good regular money. Offers like Squishy Cash and Cashcrate work a little differently than simple direct survey taking for money. You have to get a bit more involved. My advice, join them, take a look around the site and see if you think it is for you. If not, then you have not lost anything. Some people love them and others find it is not for them, look and see what you think.

Now, some people DO make a living doing this, but they probably spend the equivalent to a full work day to do so. I only ever did it part time and now I make my living slightly differently, so I only ever do a few offers now and then. You can see how I do make my living by following the make money writing link at the top left. That, however is not for everyone and is far more complicated. If you want a simple and effective way to make extra money for whatever reason then please do join all the survey sites that pay and fill in as much information about yourself as you can.

The more the survey sites know about you the more surveys they will send you that are suitable and that you will get paid better money for. I also found that while at the beginning many of them only offer surveys for a small reward that if you complete them they very quickly start to offer better money. It seems like they like to know you are serious before they begin to pay you better. At least that is what I found.

Feel free to bookmark this page and share it with your friends. I will add any new sites that I hear of if they are suitable. Remember the one golden rule though, if a site says that you can get paid to take surveys online but asks you for money then it is a total SCAM. You get paid for filling the Surveys, you never pay them, ever.

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  1. Best Juicer says:

    Interesting. I’m in the UK and was for some time a mystery shopper. It was a family affair – any not suitable for myself, my wife done them. Some we done together.

    I live in a fairly rural part of Scotland and there was never going to be enough work to make any serious income from it. What we did get though were numerous family days out (worth about $100 a time + expenses – the expenses would cover a trip to the cafe with the kids!)

    Lots of frozen meals delivered to my door. Tons of little gadgets and gizmos.
    The one task I didn’t like was when you were testing a companies customer services – ordering then returning – got paid expenses of course but not much fun.

    I tried surveys but to be honest found it a little tedious – but hey, sometimes you just got to do whatever it takes.

    Seeya, John

    • That’s it John. It is not glamorous work but it is a way to get an extra part time income. Easy to do and the returns for the time you put in are worth it.