Make Compost From Your Kitchen

Part of any drive towards living a more self sufficient life involves trying to grow as much produce as possible. To this end we should all be composting as much as we possibly can. Compost works wonders for your soil, and the richer it is the more we can grow. But are you forgetting something? Every day many people who have a compost heap neglect a very important part of the composting bible – the Kitchen. The kitchen produces a vast amount of compostable material every day but it is all too easy to just throw scraps in the bin, […]

Compost – What to Compost?

What Can You Compost? Compost ANYTHING which was once alive.  That’s what nature does so why don’t you? This list shows you many of the things you could be composting, whether you feel you should depends on your lifestyle.  Try to at least add one more thing from the list to your heap and you’ll be throwing away less and getting more for yourself from your own waste.  Add all of the things on the list and I promise you’ll have very fast acting, super rich compost and a happy healthy garden.  I know as that’s what we’re lucky enough […]