Eco Homes and Not Going Green on Holiday

We have an old home, a run of the mill rural home, not an Eco home.  But still we think we are a little bit Green.  But take me on holiday and it all comes tumbling down.  I confess my sins for a total disregard for Eco tourism or green vacations.  I just cannot be self sufficient away from home! Being Green at Home Right then, firstly I am not totally Green with a capital GRRR.   We have a car, we enjoy food that isn’t always local and we have a bunch of stinky dogs that cannot be helping […]

Solar Powered Tiki Torches And Eco Hypocrites

A strange title you may be saying but read on for a very interesting take on the world of the “Eco” movement and a great response to a post I made not so long ago. Here at the Self Sufficiency website we are pleased to have this guest post from John and if you would like to write a guest post of your own feel free to contact us. In response to the article entitled Are you an”Eco” Hypocrite the answer in the widest possible sense is that we are all eco hypocrites or ecocrites. Just being alive requires us […]