How To Grow Potato Plants

The simple Potato. A staple part of many peoples Diet with endless varieties and an almost infinite way of cooking them. Also a very important part of becoming more Self Sufficient when it comes to food. Here we will look at he best way to grow Potato Plants, the conditions needed, and many of the other aspects of growing Potatoes. When To Plant Potatoes For the majority of us the best time to plant Potatoes is in late Spring once the last chances of a Frost have disappeared. The tender shoots that appear on chitting Potatoes can easily be damaged […]

Everyone Can Plant A Few Potatoes

Whether you say Potato or Potatoe one thing is certain, everyone can have a few fresh Potatoes wherever they live. From a Field full of this most delicious of crops to a single Potato planted in a Container, we can all do it. You may have been Chitting your Seed Potatoes for Weeks, getting ready to Plant them out when the little Shoots have grown a few centimetres, or you may have not thought about Planting any Potatoes at all. Trust me, however much space you have, planting even a mini crop is worth it. Can I Plant A Single […]