Emergency Survival Food Supply 275 Meal Pack

Emergency Survival Food Supply 275 Meal Pack

I came across the Emergency Survival Food Supply 275 Meal Pack the other day and it got me to thinking about all manner of things. Self sufficiency is one thing but I wonder what would happen if there was no access to the shops for a few weeks. Maybe some form of a backup plan is on order. Here is the link to the product in question Emergency Survival Food Supply 275 Meal Pack As you can see it is pretty cheap, actually a lot cheaper than I would have imagined. The product itself is a bucket full of food […]

How To Save Money On Food

Although we are no longer in a bad financial situation, like we were not so long ago, I still can’t help but be very frugal. Making a living from online endeavours, which I won’t bore you with, has allowed us to actually spend money on a few needed things for the first time in a long while. Today I thought I would look back over recent times and give you some tips on how to save money on food costs without actually going down the road of actually starving! Back when we were really pushed for money and the garden […]

What Does Being Self Sufficient Mean?

I was talking about this with Mrs. Dirty Boots last night. What exactly does being self sufficient mean? I guess it means different things to different people. I would love for you to leave a comment after this post and let me know what it means to you. EDIT: Please note that this is a long post. I seem to have got a little carried away. I believe it IS important though. Please read it and leave a comment about how you feel about it. This article kind of sums up at least my attitude to the way we live […]

Spare Cabbage? Make Sauerkraut

I have long had a love affair with Sauerkraut but always thought you needed to live in Eastern Europe and have a tonne of cabbage to make it yourself.   I was wrong.  It is simple to make sauerkraut at home with very basic implements.  Best of all homemade sauerkraut is full of goodness most bought products have lost.  And, if the spare cabbage you have is not the white hearting cabbage usually recommended for krauting worry ye not! What is Sauerkraut? First of all, sauerkraut is not pickled cabbage.  Sauerkraut is a fermented food.  The vegetables are tightly packed into […]

Onions Sprouting in Store?

Lots of people seem to worry about their onions.  Onions have a terrible habit of sprouting in store when the temperature changes.  Even bought onions may start to sprout green shoots in your kitchen cupboard or refrigerator. This is nothing to worry about the onion is a biennial plant and it wants to get growing again in its second year even though it has been pulled out of the ground. Are Sprouting Onions Safe? Yes, Sprouting Onions are Safe! Firstly sprouting onions are fine to eat.  Basically the green shoot is just the beginning of a scallion so you can […]

Homemade Yogurt – Creamy or a Bit Runny?

Following on from my post about making yogurt at home I have a discovery for you.  For blogging purposes, I’ve been studying the varying qualities of my homemade yogurt rather more closely than usual. Homemade natural yogurt can vary quite a lot.  Sometimes  it is a bit runny and sometimes insanely creamy.  Both textures taste good but the ultra creamy homemade yogurt is definitely more attractive (and more impressive when boasting about a new skill to friends or serving as a dessert). How to Create Creamy Homemade Yogurt Use a Less than Fresh Yogurt ‘Starter’ In my experience yogurt made […]

Everyone Can Plant A Few Potatoes

Whether you say Potato or Potatoe one thing is certain, everyone can have a few fresh Potatoes wherever they live. From a Field full of this most delicious of crops to a single Potato planted in a Container, we can all do it. You may have been Chitting your Seed Potatoes for Weeks, getting ready to Plant them out when the little Shoots have grown a few centimetres, or you may have not thought about Planting any Potatoes at all. Trust me, however much space you have, planting even a mini crop is worth it. Can I Plant A Single […]