Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Sorry for such a long absence, we have been very busy. John, who runs Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring has kindly sent in a guest post all about a great flooring product that is extremely environmentally friendly as well as very aesthetically pleasing. His article also ties in very nicely with the eco friendly flooring questions I posed and seems like a great choice to make. Have a read and see what you think. Strand woven bamboo flooring is one of the best new environmentally friendly products to hit the market. The world has woken up to the dangers of over-logging the […]

A Year (and a bit) in the Self Sufficient Life

Okay, Mrs Dirty Boots here, Madam of this Self Sufficient homestead.  Yep, I know I have been missing in action from this site.  Rest assured I have been doing my bit though (just ran out of words to ramble about it all really!).  Any-hoo, it suddenly dawned on me (over a bowl of barely simmering lemon curd no less) that a whole year (and a bit) had gone by since we started writing here about all things Self Sufficientish and Frugal. How time flies!  We’ve lived off various home-grown veggies, fruits and home-reared (killed) chickens.  Eaten vast quantities of homemade […]

Green Flooring – Eco Friendly Flooring

Our millions of regular self sufficient readers (well, all 200 of you) will know (if you have been paying attention), that we live in Spain. It is the tradition here in nearly all homes to have tiled floors. Wooden floors are not really the norm and carpets are quite the exception to the rule. This is partly because of the heat during the summer, the number of bugs and woodworm that seem to be present, especially in the countryside, but I think it is mainly down to the fact that little consideration is made for protecting interiors from the rain […]

Is Investing In Green Stocks A Good Idea?

Today we have a guest post from Bruce here at the self sufficiency site. He makes some interesting points about investing in companies that are maybe more environmentally friendly. Many people have money invested in shares so do you think it is time to re-consider your portfolio to have maybe a slightly more environmentally friendly bias? Or do you think it would be harder to make money with a portfolio of this manner? Interesting to think about at the very least. Wherever you go in the world now, you see evidence that it is going “green”. Whether you believe in […]

Are You An “Eco” Hypocrite?

I was watching something last night on TV about protestors at a power station and it got me thinking. Are we all just “eco hypocrites”. To be honest I am less interested in environmental issues than some of you may think. I am still dubious about Global warming and I know many of you will be sighing in sympathy for my stupidity. Well, that is as may be. The truth is I am more in to being self sufficient than anything else. For me this means: No bills No mortgage Growing veggies Keeping chickens Working for myself Not spending to […]

Self Sufficiency Resources

This is not something that I do very often but as this site has grown and we have now got a few hundred regular readers and an awful lot of people come here every day via the search engines I thought it was about time to share the Self Sufficiency Love. We read a number of other self sufficient websites and blogs and although we don’t comment on them as often as we used to (sorry Guys) you can rest assured that the ones we like we keep up to date with in our Reader. What I would like to […]

Get Paid To Take Paid Surveys Online

Back when we realized that moving to Spain had one serious drawback (earning money) I took a look at the world of Survey taking. To get paid to take paid surveys online seemed like a good way to earn an extra income. It is all part of being more independent and living a more Self Sufficient life. As I began looking in to how to go about doing this one thing became more than apparent. The paid survey world is full of online scams. An awful lot of the websites I came across were nothing more than SCAMS. Full of […]