Don’t You Just Love Freebies – Great Water Butt from Idealo

water butt with downpipe connection kit

The world of the web is a peculiar place at times. Often we get unsolicited emails from folks. Usually they want to let us advertise their dubious products we’ve never heard of and have no interest in finding out about. Other times they simply want us to turn the site into a spam fest sending links to folks for cash. But once in a while an email is a pleasant surprise. In May Tommy at Idealo got in touch to ask if we’d like a water butt. Yes indeedy I replied, expecting not to hear back from him. But low […]

What Does Being Self Sufficient Mean?

I was talking about this with Mrs. Dirty Boots last night. What exactly does being self sufficient mean? I guess it means different things to different people. I would love for you to leave a comment after this post and let me know what it means to you. EDIT: Please note that this is a long post. I seem to have got a little carried away. I believe it IS important though. Please read it and leave a comment about how you feel about it. This article kind of sums up at least my attitude to the way we live […]

Simple Water Saving Tips

Since living with no water supply we’ve become somewhat expert in the ways of saving and recycling water. With the warming of the world and the increase in remote living I guess water usage is an important topic for a lot of people out there too.  We haven’t got a sophisticated rainwater harvesting system but we do collect enough to keep ourselves supplied for up to eight months of the year. Which, considering the climate and our water use on the huerto, I think is pretty good. We harvest rainwater from the house and sheds.  Our roofs all run to […]