At Last New Homemade Compost Bins

Aah, we love our garden compost here at Casa Dirty Boots.  But, the one thing we don’t – well didn’t love was our compost bins.  Oh they were fine and dandy when first created.  In fact we were rather smug that we’d used scraps of wood from the house that were good for little else to make them. Five years on though and what once was merely wood-wormed was starting to dissolve a little.  The whole bin arrangement needed reinforcements to keep it all dog proof (essential when you are composting humanure).    I shuffled some spare blocks that had […]

Centralised Composting Toilets

Looking into the world of composting toilets and the choices I could make to upgrade my humble sawdust toilet is a real eye-opener.  It is nice to know there are so many toilet composting systems to choose from.  That means there must be more and more people opting to use them. There is still an awful lot of stigma around the whole subject of compost loos, primarily I suppose because people are scared of what they will be confronted with when it comes to emptying them.  Using a manufactured composting toilet means only dry matter is stored and you only […]

Manufactured Self Contained Compost Toilets

We’ve looked at cheap and cheerful home-made DIY compost toilets;  waterless, sawdust toilets which are basically a bucket you need to empty yourself every few days.  These systems work, speeding up the action and fertility of a conventional compost heap and providing an extremely environmentally friendly way of dealing with human waste.  But, being of a ‘back to basics’ nature they really are not for everyone. If you prefer a less hands on approach to the waterless toilet you can buy self contained compost toilets instead.  These self contained systems are a very glamorous version of the bucket compost loo.  […]

Compost Toilet – The Sawdust Toilet

The compost toilet can be as complicated, expensive, cheap or basic as you like. As far as indoor compost toilets are concerned none are more simple to create, use and understand than the sawdust toilet. We have a sawdust toilet and I really cannot recommend it enough.  Even if you have no intention of ever foregoing your luxurious plumbed in conventional toilet, you should at least know about sawdust toilets.  Then, the next time the water supply is disrupted or you are remodelling the bathroom you can use this simple composting toilet system until your preferred poo receptacle is functioning […]

Compost Toilet Month

Mr DirtyBoots is still AWOL at the moment.  He will be back  soon with lots of ideas to earn a living without ‘Working for the Man’.  In the meantime I’m butching up to bring you a serious on the humble (and not so humble compost toilet). We have a fairly basic model constructed by himself years ago.  Initially our sawdust toilet was created through necessity rather than choice.  We had no running water so it seemed the sensible option for dealing with the DirtyBoots poo.  Now though, we are complete converts to the waterless toilet.  It is great not to […]

Compost Toilet DIY

As everyone who follows this site knows, we are fairly fanatical about preserving water and composting anything that we can. Let me ask you a question. If you owned Chickens, or if you do, would you, or do you, compost their droppings? You would?  You do?  So why don’t you compost your own poo and pee? Urrghh!!  It’s nasty I hear you say!  Well, get over it.  Parents face much nastier things when they are bringing up children.  Quite a hands on approach to bodily wastes is involved.  So what is so nasty about simply emptying a sawdust covered, non […]