Eco Wash Balls-An Eco Balls Review

In what now seems like the far distant past already, right at the start of this site I wrote about being left here up the Mountain for a while while Mrs. Dirty Boots went back to the UK for a bit.

Having never taking much notice previously I was in charger of doing the Laundry. This involved the use of Eco Balls.

There is now a wide range of different Eco Laundry Balls to choose from – click to see all brands.

I wrote about how amazed and surprised I was by how efficient Eco Wash Balls were. For such as simple thing they really do a surprising job, for the most part. Today I thought I would actually give  a bit more information on exactly what they are and how efficient eco washing ball kits are when it comes keeping the washing clean.

What Are Eco Wash Balls?

eco wash balls

At the most basic Eco Balls are an alternative to washing detergent and are supposed to make the Laundry clean without the addition of fabric softeners, fabric conditioners and anything else you normally add to the Laundry to get it fresh and clean.

Eco Laundry Balls contain no detergents at all, not even high efficiency laundry detergent. They work on the following principle:

Eco Wash Balls use Ionic cleaning to penetrate deep in to the fibres of the Laundry to clean them without fading clothes. Eco Balls lift the dirt via this Ionic cleaning without the need for any detergents or any of the other normal additions that most of use to get clothes clean and smelling nice.

Eco Balls like like some kind of Flying Saucer with their strange design but they are becoming the choice of many and are starting to replace more conventional means of cleaning the laundry.

The price of Eco Wash Balls is not too bad, considering they can be used time and time again they work out very economical in the long run but there are more advantages to Eco Balls than simply the price, although this is always a consideration.

The Advantages Of Eco Balls

There are numerous advantages to Eco Wash Balls over more conventional ways of keeping the Laundry clean. We shall look at each one in turn but first I will quickly list them:

  • No worries about running out of Detergents
  • No mess
  • Much better for the Environment
  • Perfect for those with Allergies
  • Ideal for sensitive Skin

I am sure there are even more advantages but these seem to be the most important reasons for using Eco Balls. Eco friendly Washing Balls definitely score high for many reasons over conventional ways of doing the Laundry.

Eco Wash Balls-Never Run Out Of Detergent

laundry ballsHow many times have you gone to do the Laundry only to realise there is not enough Detergent to get the job done? Quite a few times if you are anything like the rest of us.

Eco Balls mean that you never have to worry about this. The Eco Balls are always there waiting to do the job. No need to jump in the Car just to get Detergent which is a big saving in itself.

Eco Friendly Washing Balls Make No Mess

Eco Balls will never make a mess. With even eco friendly high efficiency Laundry Detergent you can still get in a mess. I expect everyone has missed the little areas where you pour all your Soaps, Detergents etc, and got the Washing Machine in a right mess. When the conventional Laundry Detergents are quite full then this is even more likely to happen.

Eco friendly Washing Balls mean that you will never pour liquid all over the place.

Eco Wash Balls Are Better For The Environment

There are no Chemical in the Eco Balls so they are much better for the Environment. The fact that they are so reusable means that you will save money over the long term and are not perpetuating the manufacture of plastic bottles to produce containers for your Detergents.

Looking after the Environment is more of a concern to us all and Eco Balls play an important role in helping us to do our bit.

One other very important point is that Eco Wash Balls means that none of your Detergent will be going in to the Sewers when you do the Laundry. This would be a dramatic reduction in Chemicals, bleaches etc getting in to the er. While there are now many more Eco friendly high efficiency Laundry detergents, many still contain Chemicals that do the waterways nothing but harm.

Eco Balls Are Perfect For Those With Sensitive Skin Or Allergies

No chemicals, no Detergents or bleaches means that anyone with sensitive Skin or Allergies would do well to switch over to Eco Balls as soon as possible. The fact that they do not use conventional methods of cleaning means that they are perfect for anyone who is sensitive or can come out in rashes etc because of conventional washing products.

For Babies Eco Friendly Washing Balls are a perfect answer. Many Babies have sensitive Skin and removing detergent from the Laundry will do nothing but good. Eco Balls may well be the answer to many allergy problems that a lot of people get from conventional Laundry products.

Now, on to my Eco Balls Review, where I will give my opinion on how well they work and if they REALLY  do what they say they can.

Eco Balls Review

Followersof the site know that we live off grid and therefor are limited to what electrical products we can use because of the limits placed on us by our Home Inverter. Because of this we can only use our Washing Machine on a completely cold cycle. This Eco Balls Review is based on cleaning Laundry on a completely cold wash.

Eco Balls are supposed to be at their most effective on a cool 30 Degree wash where the water temperature itself will help to lift dirt. We don’t have this luxury so bear that in mind for this Eco Balls Review.

To be honest there is not a lot of negative things to be said about Eco Washing Balls. We have found that simply putting the Eco Balls in with the washing, on a cold wash works extremely well. They do a very good job of getting ALMOST everything clean and smelling fresh. They effectively clean Muddy Jeans, dirty shirts and just about anything that is normally dirty.

There are  a few things that do not come up totally clean but they are few and far between. If a shirt collar is extremely dirty then a small amount of normal liquid soap is rubbed on the collar, along with the Eco Wash balls this gets them completely clean. Bear in mind we are using a totally cold wash here.

On ocassion if items are extremeoly dirty, maybe there are grass stains or a Dogs Bed is in need of a wash then we will add a small amount of Vinegar. Vinegar works extremely well as an alternative to Fabric Softener and does an extremely good job of freshening the worst smelling of items.

Bicarb or baking soda is also sometimes added to the laundry. Baking Soda is the perfect alternative to conventional detergent and as part of my Eco Balls Review I can say that combined with Eco Balls it more than does the job.

So, for the most part Eco Wash Balls will do a very good job of getting the Laundry clean, on a 30 degree wash they will work even better. With the ocassional addition of Vinegar or Baking Soda there really is no need to use conventional detergents and fabric softeners. Even high efficiency Laundry detergents are still less cost effective than using simple Eco Wash Balls.

Click to see all wash ball brands available with amazon.

If you follow the Eco Balls links you can also read an Eco Wash Balls Review from many of those that have purchased the Eco Balls. There is nothing like a review from others to give you a genuine idea about just how efficient a product is.

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  1. Mrs Green says:

    I’m beginning to wonder if I’m a fussy old bird. I don’t really mind most of dd’s clothes being grubby, but I find nothing ‘natural’ seems to work.

    I’m currently trialling soapnuts; blood came out fine; which I was pleased about, but a grubby towel that had been used for standing on in the bathroom after a particularly eventful time in the garden is just plain dirty! It looks like it hasn’t been washed at all

    Can I ask what sort of water you have? Ours is exceptionally hard and I think this might be the problem. I’m washing at 30 degrees…

    I have a top to wash now that dd spilled curry on and I’m not sure what to do. I have some wash balls to try too, but I don’t think they are going to be up to it. even Ecover doesn’t get all marks out…

    Any ideas? Do you think water hardness has a big factor to play?

    Mrs Green’s last blog post..Sunday roundup 45

    • Hi Mrs G – all our washes are cold (not even 30 degrees) but with rainwater which is relatively soft. I guess that may help the washballs clean more efficiently.

      I know lots of people swear by a cup of borax to help sort out the really dirty stuff but we make do with a soapy prewash now and again. I never found eco detergents that great either. I think though half the issue is just getting used to a cooler wash cycle.

      We will pre-wash occasionally, shirt collars and jean knees (and the occasional towel that sounds a bit like yours). But my pre-wash is a very lazy soak in some soapy water overnight plus a quick scrub of the offending stain with a soap and brush. Really does the trick. Though I admit when we used hot washes and detergents I rarely got quite so hands on with the washing.

  2. Sal says:

    Really like your site and all the interesting and unique content. This was a great read!

  3. ecocentrics says:

    Nice review on eco balls, interesting stuff! Can we wash Dirty Boots (are you a sonic Youth fans?) with them?! 😉

    ecocentrics’s last blog post..‘Ghost In The Machine’ Cassette Art

  4. Mrs Green says:

    Ah, rainwater – I expect that makes a LOT of difference. THanks for all of your thoughts on this; it’s been most helpful and i’ll perhaps try some lazy presoaking too 🙂

    Mrs Green’s last blog post..Can a polythene product ever be classed as environmentally friendly?

  5. Sal, thanks for the compliment. I don’t know I turn my back for a moment and Mrs. Dirty Boots hijacks my post! Only joking my lovely I know I don’t do as much washing as I should!

    Ecocentrics, thanks. Sonic Youth, haven’t listened to them in a while but “Touch Me I’m Sick”, ring any bells?

    Hello Mrs Green, I guess the rainwater does help. The lazy soak technique certainly seems to work. Well, I have SEEN that it works and I always appreciate a clean collar before I get it dirty again. Thanks everyone for reading the Eco Balls Review.

  6. Hello there,

    I use tritoneo ceramic washing balls that come with a limescale reducer thingy, but even so I have a really hard time getting out stains on baby clothes (most of which come out in the sun though) and husband’s seriously grubby outdoors clothes (those socks, argh!!) I sometimes use half a capful of ecover laundry liquid as the washing balls manufacturer said it was fine from time to time, but i am a bit disappointed really and am even thinking of (horror) reverting back to nasty ole spanish Wipp Express for whites (feel free to berate my lack of ecofriendliness below). Is it just the make of wash balls that i’m using?? anyone else tried these before?

    • Hi Medina,

      I think hard-core detergents will always win if you want to bung stuff in the machine, forget about it and then see it gleaming. But, with a soapy presoak and yes the occasional addition of liquid soap/ecover/baking soda, I find Eco wash balls good enough. Whites respond well to a cup of baking soda, but nothing can produce whites like Wipp! What’s in that stuff?

      I think it’s all about using less of the nasty stuff, but most of us don’t want to let go of it altogether. Would the occasional monthly Wipp wash keep your white standard up?

      We’re in southern Catalunya – what about you?

  7. incidentally, whereabouts are you guys based??

  8. This sounds extremely interesting. I’m shocked by how effective you say these balls are. I only wish you had said a little more about the technology of how they work.

    I’m going to have to do a little more research, but I’m sure I will at least try these out sometime soon!

  9. Well, I’ve done a little research on the web, and I’m still interested, but they aren’t actually “chemical free”. It seems that they actually contain “chemicals” inside! Granted, the chemicals inside are much less toxic than those in traditional detergents, but they are chemicals nonetheless.

  10. Jef says:

    I have always wondered about these but until now haven’t done much research. I’ll have to check out some other resources and see what else I can find. I get a lot of greasy dirt in my work clothes and am not sure if the Eco Balls will remove the odors completely. I guess I could add some sort of a natural citrus product to eliminate the offensive smell.
    Thanks for the info as always.

  11. andy says:

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    • Jehangir Wadua says:

      There are a few questionns I would like to ask.
      1. Can the Eco Balls be used in a hot wash cycle?
      2. As I like my wash to have a mild perfume smell can I add fabric softener to the last rinse?
      3. Does the ball in any way damage the washing machinr drum?
      Many thanks and can you send me a sample.

      Mr. Jehangir Wadia

      • Hi Jehangir,

        The eco balls are designed to be used on cool wash cycles to save you energy.

        I guess you could add a fabric softener but the eco-balls will soften your wash anyway so perhaps a few drops of essential oil would be a cheaper option.

        I have been using eco wash-balls for a few years now and the drum seems not to have noticed. They do make a little bit of noise knocking around and to begin with that can be a little worrying but they do no damage.

  12. magriet says:


    I use the washball with good results, however with a 3 year old the clothes allways have dark soil stains on the knees and arms. Pre soak in green sunlight soap (bricks) sometimes work, but is very hard word. Can you recommend another prewash or soak method. On the packaging it states you can use, but not which.
    I read about Baking soda etc. Which is effective and still enviromental safe. I would also like a solution that will not bleach or stain clothes.
    Is it possible to also mail this reply to my adress as I am not a constant internet surfer.