Eco Wash Balls-An Eco Balls Review

In what now seems like the far distant past already, right at the start of this site I wrote about being left here up the Mountain for a while while Mrs. Dirty Boots went back to the UK for a bit. Having never taking much notice previously I was in charger of doing the Laundry. This involved the use of Eco Balls. There is now a wide range of different Eco Laundry Balls to choose from – click to see all brands. I wrote about how amazed and surprised I was by how efficient Eco Wash Balls were. For such […]

Eco Wash Balls, Even Men Can Use Them!

Not so long ago Mrs.Dirty Boots went back to the UK and left me all alone (boo hoo) to cope with the running of the place. It was, to say the least, quite a handful! What with the running of the house, the looking after Chickens, the endless walks that the Dogs need and the myriad other things that running a more self sufficient household entails. I, like most other Men, am more than capable of building houses, working out the complexities of building a staircase from scratch,re-roofing an entire cottage, installing satellites dishes and many other manly jobs. However, […]