Eco Wash Balls, Even Men Can Use Them!

Not so long ago Mrs.Dirty Boots went back to the UK and left me all alone (boo hoo) to cope with the running of the place.

It was, to say the least, quite a handful! What with the running of the house, the looking after Chickens, the endless walks that the Dogs need and the myriad other things that running a more self sufficient household entails.

I, like most other Men, am more than capable of building houses, working out the complexities of building a staircase from scratch,re-roofing an entire cottage, installing satellites dishes and many other manly jobs.

However, when it comes to the Washing Machine I seem to have a complete mental block! Now look Ladies, I don’t do it on purpose but I just can’t seem to remember what buttons to press and where to put the doodahs, um, I mean, er, ah yes, the detergent!

I was left detailed instructions on the workings of the mysterious machine and to my surprise it didn’t involve putting “stuff” in the drawer thingy with its complex compartments. Instead I just had to put three flying saucer shaped things in the actual machine with the clothes. They are called Eco Wash Balls.

Now, we always use a cold cycle on the Washing Machine (that much I do know), it saves our power and seems to be more than adequate.

What I was amazed at was that with no detergent at all and on a cold cycle the clothes that I put in were always clean. I am amazed that such a simple little Gizmo works so well.

ecoballs1Apparently they work by “ionic cleaning”, but however it works it REALLY does work, and that’s the main thing!

Here are a few pointers from Amazon:

* Safe for you and for the environment
* Easy to use
* Hypo-allergenic and anti bacterial without using harsh chemicals
* Can be repeatedly used for many loads base on the average wash cycle. Shorter cycle means longer life.
* Safe for all clothes – won’t fade colors and leaves no soapy residue

I recommend you give them a try. It will save a ton of money (as Mrs.Dirty Boots testifies) and you can even get the Man in your life to do the Washing!

Sorry Guys!

You can get them in the US here or in the UK here.

For a more self sufficient future


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