Self Sufficient Questions And Answers Volume 1

Welcome to the first round of Self Sufficient Questions and Answers. Hopefully this will be a weekly Wednesday feature so don’t forget to leave your question for next week in the comments section after the post. You can also ask your question via Twitter. Simply Forties asked: I’m curious about the apparatus that converts the power from the solar panels into usable power for your home. How does that actually work? Hi Simply Forties, the power that is collected by Solar Panels is DC, the same as that stored in a Battery. The Solar Panels are connected to Deep Cycle […]

Turning The Compost Heap? – Don’t Bother!

It is amazing how much controversy there is over Compost! There are so many different systems it is unbelievable. Anyone who reads about our Self Sufficient Life knows we like to keep things simple around here. There is enough work involved when trying to become more self sufficient without making life more difficult for yourself. I would like to take this opportunity to set a few Composting myths straight. Compost Heap Turning If you have looked around the Web you will find many people advocating the turning of the Compost Heap on a fairly regular basis. They claim that it […]

Compost – How to Compost

How to Have a Useful Compost Heap Lots of people wonder why their compost heap doesn’t do much or worse still turns to a pile of evil smelling slime.  Usually this is due to a lack of stuff , or a lack of variety of stuff  ending up on the compost heap. We need to add as much to our compost heaps as possible.  It means we get more benefit from a bigger heap of finished compost.  We also save time and money as we’re not sending so much stuff to landfill.  It’s our own waste so why not sort […]